Garrett cites fake memo on House floor and gets shredded by Rep. Weiner


Today, on the House floor, my wonderful Representative and embarrassment to the state, Scott Garrett, read from a “memo” that was already discredited as fake earlier in the day.  Rep. Anthony Weiner completely shredded Garrett’s willingness to talk about fake memos as opposed to things like reducing the deficit or expanding health care or, as Weiner said so well – “we’re here to solve the problems of the American people, not quote from fake memos”.

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

But wait, there’s more!  Weiner and Garrett faced off on Good Day New York as well (although after watching this, he is also debating the Good Day host, who lobbed softball questions to Garrett and went hard at Weiner as well):

Comments (11)

  1. Jason Springer

    the Democrats didn’t want to work with him.

  2. Jersey Shore John

    about the memo.

  3. Matthew Jordan

    he’d destroy him.  

  4. Paul Aronsohn

    Man, I wish that I was running against him again ….

  5. laur

    to the asshattery of M. Scott Garrett?

  6. SKY

    Now that  is priceless. Just caught cheating a talking point with a fake memo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  7. scarletbgonias

    by someone like Rep. Weiner. It was nice to see Ernie eviscerated on FOX of all places. Thanks Adam for posting this. When I saw this mentioned on HuffPost, I tried to send you a link, but got sidetracked.

  8. The Wizard

    was clearly trying to derail Weiner with constant interruptions. She gave Garrett carte blanche to lie through his teeth. But hey, Republicans like being lied to. They’re too blinded by bigotry to know the difference.  

  9. SmartyJones

    “He got zoomed”  I just love it.

    Ain’t Weiner a pistol?


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