Fired Up….Ready to Go

Would have done this diary sooner, but just got back from the last of 3 progressive events today.  I may or may not write more about this in the future, I just wanted to share a few memorable lines with the Blue Jersey community.

Monmouth County Democratic Party chairman Vic Scudiery on the Republicans running against healthcare reform this fall

“they think it’s going to work for them in the fall.  They’re going to fall on their face.”

Congressman Frank Pallone on accepting the nomination to run for re-election this fall (which sums up my feelings as well):

“Thank you for the nomination, but we have a lot of work to do.”

Freeholder John D’Amico on the Republican Party:

“While the Republicans are fighting among themselves, the Democrats are fighting for the people.”

Congressman Rush Holt on the teabaggers:

“Their anger about this healthcare legislation just blinded them.”

Our own Vincent Solomeno (who unfortunately lost the freeholder nomination to Spring Lake councilwoman Janice Venables) on the Republicans being out of touch”

“It must be really hard to see these problems from the 18th hole of the Colts Neck country club.”   This had the crowd fired up.  

New Jersey Democratic Party Chairman John Wisniewski on Chris Christie:

“Christie to the middle class— drop dead.”

All said and done, the Monmouth County convention left me and over 300 of my fellow Monmouth County Democrats fired up and ready to go.  If we can channel the energy that was in the room to the fall elections, we can do this.  

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