Donovan: It’s wrong to tax the rich, unless they’re really really rich

Following the logic of Kathy Donovan, candidate for Bergen County executive can give you a headache. First, she was challenged by Dennis McNerney to oppose the Governor letting the millionaire’s tax expire. Instead of joining in that call, she called it “populist rhetoric”:

He still believes that taxing residents is the answer to everything. And he doesn’t undderstand that placing undue burdens on any one element of society ultimately forces greater burdens on everyone else.”Taxes in New Jersey are confiscaory. Taxpayers who can are voting with their feet, and moving elewhere, leaving the burden to those who remain. Mr. McNerney’s populist rhetoric is totally transparent.

That’s right, asking millionaires to help while everyone else is feeling more pain by the day is just populist rhetoric. But while she says we should lay off the millionaires, she’s scrambling to find any way but scrapping the blue laws to raise money and is looking toward the billionaires:

“New Jersey taxpayers and not billionaire team owners from New York should be the beneficiaries of this windfall,” Donovan wrote in a letter to Christie.  “You have asked all taxpayers, homeowners, teachers, public employees, boards of education, municipalities and others to sacrifice. Shouldn’t the Jets and Giants be included? ”

I wonder how Donovan drew the line that millionaires shouldn’t be included with her request of the Jets and Giants to share the burden? I guess the billionaires aren’t populist rhetoric and it’s wrong to tax the rich, unless they’re really really rich. You would think McNerney would continue to drive these issues relentlessly throughout the campaign.  

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  1. Hopeful

    Sales taxes on the PSLs are fine with me (I guess), but they won’t be on “the Jets and Giants.” They’d be on the season ticket holders who buy the PSLs, right? Some are millionaires but many are middle-class.

    When I bought a car, there wasn’t a sales tax on Toyota or the dealer, it was on me. The dealer just collected the tax on the state’s behalf.

    And since sales tax apparently didn’t apply, it’ll be pretty unfair to suddenly go back and charge it. It’ll be even more unfair becaiuse I’m pretty sure some people bought their PSLs in 2008 and 2009 and you can’t go back and charge them tax.

  2. William Weber (WjcW)

    I’m pretty sure she’s realizing the millionaires can leave…

    But she’s pretty sure the Jets & Giants ain’t going anywhere…

    That’s probably the difference.


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