Chris Christie: A Republican Shit….

Christie is on track to turning NJ into another failed state on the order of California.

An opening paragraph in today’s New York Times story says it all….

“Upending the priorities of his Democratic predecessors, Governor Christie unveiled a budget that would hit the poor, elderly, schoolchildren, college students and inner-city residents hardest, while largely sparing the wealthy and businesses.”

Jon Corzine did his best to make up for the massive borrowing and spending of the Whitman administration.

Sadly Corzine didn’t have what it took to deflate the hot air balloon of hyperbolic nonsense that Christie called a plan during the campaign.

Now Christie is coming out with the standard Republican solution to all problems which is to indiscriminately butcher budgets and to hurt the poorest and weakest people while leaving the wealthy and powerful totally off the hook.

Clearly, it is because of the excesses and legalized criminality of the financial services industry and the real estate industry that New Jersey and the nation are suffering the budget shortfalls and the pension fund losses. To now balance the budget on the backs of people who can least afford it and who had the least responsibility for causing it is cruel on a moral level and is an atrocious public policy.

Let us never forget what Grover Norquist, the leading Republican strategist said:

"My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years," he says, "to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."

Well it looks like Chris Cristie is well on his way to realizing Norquist’s sick fantasy.

Tragically, I see no sign of any serious resistance or opposition on the part of the Democrats.   If they gave a shit about the people of New Jersey, they would be declaring war on the Christie agenda and offering progressive alternatives to the bullshit he’s proposing.    That would mean a real fight.

I wonder if Steve Sweeney and his boss, Norcross, will have the moral courage to do what’s right for the human beings who live in New Jersey……or if they’ll just protect their own political/financial interests while only putting a a token/cosmetic resistance to the radical regressive maleficent and morally bankrupt Christie agenda?


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  1. laur

    Are you kidding, man? I feel as if this state has already begun to morph into Alabama or Mississippi–California would be better!

    Would that our state Senate grow a set, take a stand on behalf of the people of NJ, and fight for it with all their might.

    Can’t hold my breath and call for it at the same time.

  2. Winston Smith

    right on the money.

    Now someone in the Democratic Party needs to mount the same kind of ideological assault that Christie has.

    Progressives need to frame and talk with exactly this edge.

  3. AreYouWithMe?

    I know that as a “Progresive” blog, most members ffiliate themselves with the Democrat Party, but the title and language of this is out of line.

    You would not tolerate anyone calling former Governor Corzine these terms.  

    Even if you have no repect for the man, have respect for the office, and yourself.


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