Caption Contest: Think of the Children

The Senate Judiciary Committee adjourned last Monday before confirming Bret Schundler to lead the Department of Education, but finished things up today moving his nomination along to the full Senate. I figured this picture would be good for a caption contest:

Photo courtesy of the Star Ledger

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ll know the title of the post and if not, check out this video.

Comments (2)

  1. Zames

    Funny thing….When I read the title, I didn’t think of the Simpson (I associate the phrase with the self-important folks that the Simpson were mocking), but when I saw the photo, my first thought was Homer strangling Bart saying “Why, you little….”

  2. Jersey Shore John

    Republicans always take politicians people vote AGAINST, saying, essentially “We don’t want this person in a position of power” and then turn around and put that person in a position of power.


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