Are you ready to run? (Campaign Training for women at RU)

Thanks JackHarris. Promoted from the diaries by Rosi

Eagleton’s next Ready to Run campaign program is fast coming up on March 20th.  A program for women of color is being held as a pre-conference on March 19th.

All programs are on the Douglas Campus at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  Donna Brazile is one of the featured speakers this year.  

NJ has always been a laggard when it comes to electing women to office.  We’ve made strides recently with Speaker Oliver taking the helm in the Assembly but we have a long way to to go.

This Eagleton program is a great step in making the jump to officeholder and could be followed up with hands-on training at a place like Camp Wellstone.

In Minnesota we began winning the suburbs with a great group of women who are nurses, small business owners, college professors and attorneys.  When Senator Klobuchar won election in 2006 she did it while suburban women were winning legislative races across Minnesota’s “purple donut”. In fact Senator Klobuchar continues to be among the all-time top vote performers in Minneapolis’s western suburbs (think of a cross between NJ-07 and NJ-12)

Who out there is NJ’s Amy Klobuchar?

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  1. Hopeful

    The good side of having so many towns and counties is that there are plenty of elected positions available.

  2. Alex

    If the past few months have shown anything, it’s that there are scores of people, many of them young, in the LGBT and allied communities who have learned a lot about State House and local politics in the fight for marriage equality and who are eager to get more involved. While nowhere near as large a population as women, wouldn’t it be great if such a program existed for this community?


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