An animated look at Christie’s budget plan

Mike Scott over at New Jersey Newsroom offers this animated take on Governor Christie’s budget plans:

You see it’s all about priorities.

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  1. speedkillsu

    “I could feel when I started talking about the teachers union, you know how they say, y’know, dogs can smell fear? You could feel the air come out of that room. Those people have been the bullies of State Street. They have bullied every administration, Democrat and Republican. And they’re not going to bully me. So now the question’s going to be, what do they want to do?”……It seems NJ has finally found it’s leader ,lets just hope it’s not too late  

  2. NNadir

    Damn that was a nasty storm!

    I lost big part of a tree myself, but I’m hardly alone.

    The community lost a grand one in Marquand park.

    As for Christie, it seems he’s cutting 80% of State Aid to our schools.

    We have a person who claimed to be a good Democrat who had a lawn sign for 3rd party guy Daggett.

    Shades of Ralph Nader.

    I can’t stand purity freaks.

    I’m sure she and her husband are very happy that their property taxes are set to double.

    The worst part of it is that in reality we have great schools in Hopewell.   We’re all spoiled brats here.

    The people I really hurt for are those who already have crappy schools that are now going to be worse.

    This should do great things for that favorite past time of Republican state governments every where, building prisons.

    Ronald Reagan took over a state with the best schools in the nation.   Today is #46.

    I tremble for New Jersey.

  3. SKY

    Welcome to the leadership of bulliness and intimidation.

    Idi Amini the Christie did not cut much from his base.

    Did Mr Christie know that, a dog of a fierce master does not fear the master?

    Christie’s drama with his puffy face just cracks me when he tries to pant with anger.

    I swear, he reminded me of Idi Amini, in Uganda,when he was giving his budget speech. What was that fake anger about? Did he forget that he was part of the system when he was a US attorney?

    He needs to reimburse the state for that loan he gave to his girl friend, and went unreported. I can not believe Mr Idi Amin the Christie hired the same woman in his administration.

    He needs to pay all the traffic tickets, and also reimburse the state, for using tax payers’s money when he went gambling.

    He contributed to the deficit, so he should shut up and stop the blame game for the deficit.

    This is what NJ asked for, now we have to deal with tea baggers flooding the state.


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