Adler considering voting for health care reform

Well, we’re on the final push for health care reform and Democrats are rounding up every last vote they need. Here’s the Wall Street Journal on John Adler:

Rep. John Adler (D., N.J.), a freshman who won a Republican-leaning district in 2008, is also undecided, after voting no last fall. He said the Senate bill did a better job containing health costs.

In an interview, he said he had spoken directly to the president about the issue and was not worried about Republican arguments that Democrats would pay a political price for supporting the health bill. “I think people shouldn’t be worried about their careers. They should be worried about doing what’s right.”

He did emphasize cost controls in his previous criticism so it’s pretty consistent. If you live in the district it might be good to phone. The Senate bill is well short of what progressives wanted, but I think we’d regret not having in ten years. There’s also this interview with Fox News (I don’t think this is same interview) where he is undecided, but he keeps emphasizing the viewpoint of business.  

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  1. Jason Springer

    tomorrow. I’d still be surprised if he voted for it, but it’s worth a call.

  2. Nick Lento

    …kind of bill the Democrats pass, it will be portrayed and pilloried by the Republicans as a radical left wing socialized medicine “government takeover”.

    By watering the bill down to the point where it’s little more than another insurance company boondoggle/giveaway that will give crappy and expensive care to more people while fining those who make too much to qualify for the welfare-ish subsidies but not enough to afford paying the private insurance companies their premiums/co-pays/deductibles.

    If congress passes half assed watrered down health care reform it will be a total disaster at the polls as the Republicans will go on 24/7 attack  mode……and even the  few odd progressives in the media will have a hard time defending a weal plan.

    If we’re going to go the reconciliation route, why not go the “half hog” and insist of having a robust public option in there.   (The whole hog would be single payer……and that’s another story).

    It seems both the BCDO and the national Democratic party have lost their balls, minds and hearts.    This is a time to be fighting not running scared.

    How many more elections will we have to lose before it becomes clear that you have to be willing to actually fight to win….or is it just all about people keeping their “safe” seats and not upsetting the “sponsor$”?


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