Who will the next Middlesex Co. Sheriff be?

Could it be that Middlesex Dems are finally starting to clean house?  In the wake of $1 million settlement by the county in a sexual harrassment lawsuit, Sheriff Joe Spicuzzo announced that he won’t run for his seat after being sheriff for nearly 30 years.  Politicker NJ points out that if former sheriff’s officer and current Freeholder Millie Scott were to gain the seat, she would be the first African American woman sheriff in NJ.

I wonder how the women in the lawsuit, who are still in the sheriff’s office, would like having Millie Scott as their boss?  She had to come up through the ranks in a department with an entrenched sexist culture.  It couldn’t have been easy.  She’s a woman of few words, so I don’t expect to hear from her on how it was for her, though I admit, I’m curious.

As I said in my diary about this the other day, it seems the ‘Boys will be boys’ attitude isn’t flying any more in Middlesex.  This is saving Wisniewski a big headache.  And if he’s still looking for advice, I’d say keep on cleaning house.


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