We mix comedy & politics Thursday night for Ron C. Rice

Thursday night I’m going to be in Newark, watching some great comedians – political & otherwise – help send my friend Ron C. Rice back to work for a 2nd term at the Newark Council, where he reps the West Ward. The last comedian, Baratunde Thurston, just clicked into place, and some amazing people are giving their time to power Ron’s campaign.

Ron Rice

This is all very inside for me. See, I help run Democracy for America – NJ, and Ron was the very first NJ candidate nationally endorsed by DFA. Ron’s a founding member of Essex DFA; he was their candidate. He’s solid grassroots. And Ron’s a member of the Blue Jersey community.

It’s also inside for me because a lot of this show was put together at my house. Joey Novick put it together with Vin Gopal, for Ron. And Joey’s hosting. Show’s almost sold out, and it’s a wallet-friendly $25 for Ron’s campaign, so in case you can still score a ticket, here’s who’s coming:

Baratunde Thurston is the Politics & Web Editor at The Onion, and a blogger/founder of Jack & Jill Politics (he’s Jack). He also writes for Huffington Post and does, frankly, too many cool things to list.

Leighann Lord was named Most Thought-Provoking Black Female Comic and got an NYC Black Comedy Award for that. Like the rest of this show, she’s scary-smart and has performed in clubs around the world, and for our troops in the Middle East.

Scott Blakeman is a political comedian who founded Standup for Peace: the 2 Comedian Solution to Middle East Peace, with Palestinian-American comedian Dean Obeidallah, and he gets people thinking as hard as they’re laughing. He’s also a regular on NPR.

Joey Novick is hosting, and he teaches improv, writes here sometimes and politickernj all the time.

Listen, Ron is a progressive. A class act. Pro-equality, including marriage equality. Community activist before he ever wore a suit. Used his Newark Council  seat to organize the pro-active West Ward Collective. Veteran of night patrols & efforts helping residents take control of their neighborhoods.

Show is Thursday night in Newark, 7pm. Here’s the facebook page, all the details. Look for me; I’ll be hanging with the comedians.

More on Ron, and how to volunteer for him.  

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  1. vingopal

    and thank you to Joey and Rosi for all your support. I hope Joey is as funny as I hear 🙂 (no pressure)


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