Rush Limbaugh professes his love for Chris Christie

Well isn’t this cute. Listen to what Rush Limbaugh had to say on his show today about the Governor’s announced cuts in his budget address:

“Ladies and Gentleman, is it wrong to love another man? Because I love Chris Christie!”

Now that they’ve realized their feelings, maybe they’ll help us fight for Marriage Equality. Especially since they’re so passionate about cutting everything else.

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  1. Got Kids

    The republicans are reinforcing the message here because they know this could really come back to bite them. Rush Limbaugh loved the American Auto Industry so much he helped run it off a cliff. Remember “go out and buy the biggest car you can find to prove to Al Gore how American you are”? He loved “The Troops” so much he “carried [Donald Rumnsfeld’s] water” while they were getting put through the meat grinder. And the list goes on.

    I’m hard pressed to believe this was not a coordinated effort. Moreover though, I’m disappointed that progressives are only willing to use their hands for typing while the center of these media empires broadcast their lies, half truth and misinformation from our own back yards.

  2. bluescat1

    This will only get worse due to the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning corporations. They will be able to sway the masses into there ideological way of thinking with their numerous media buys.

  3. Bill Orr

    But am always happy when Rush shoots from his hip.  Go Rush.  You are great at painting the Republicans into a smaller and smaller portion of the political spectrum.

  4. Jersey Shore John

    Rush don’t wanna be right…

  5. The Wizard

    the Goddess of Babble, Sarah Palin, but that’s probably because he wants to get next to her with a shoe mirror for a good upskirt shot.

    He could pass for Christie’s older brother. They do bear a figurative resemblance. Is it true they wear the same size girdle?

    At least the governor isn’t hooked on hillbilly heroin.

    Some people are saying…….

  6. EWO

    Christie’s repulsive body double looking at his own hideous reflection.


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