Quote of the Day: “This isn’t over”

This story in the Mercer County Community College Voice should not to be missed. A professor was teaching a State and Local politics class talking about how they would fix our budget problem. When the issue of double dipping came up, the Professor gave the example of the the county Sheriff, who can collect his salary as sheriff while collecting his pension in retirement at the same time.

A student in the class sent the Sheriff a text message regarding the comments, who then showed up with an aide at the class! After talking to the Professor outside and getting an apology in front of the class, we get this:

Both Buckley and Grindlinger report Sheriff Larkin as saying, “This isn’t over,” on his way out of the classroom. According to Buckley, Larkin’s aide, who was waiting outside the classroom, said as the classroom door was closing, “You’re a terrible teacher, you should get your facts from a book.”

He couldn’t have waited to voice his displeasure to the professor until after the class ended? I think the students learned more than they ever thought they would in that class after the interruption. The Sheriff just succeeded in making the story bigger by crashing the class.  

Comments (5)

  1. Jay Lassiter

    Who is Brooke Seidl and what does she do for the Clerk?

  2. Hopeful

    Is there is always an informer around.  

  3. Bill Orr

    The sheriff has no authority to crash a course over such a matter and should be disciplined.  Better yet take away his pension.

  4. mmcgrath

    This Gestapo style reaction from the Sherriff when a professor makes an off-handed comment is ridiculous. The sherriff should be pressured into resigning immediately. This is not a small over-reaction.


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