NJ 4th Quarter House fundraising totals

The 4th quarter fundraising numbers are in for members of Congress and NJ Reps have been on the phones. On the national party committee level, the DCCC outraised the NRCC and the has more cash on hand. Here is a breakdown of NJ members:

Cash on Hand
Q4 Receipts
Q4 Disbursements
Andrews $156,215.85 $97,076.03 $136,071.08
LoBiondo $112,2460.53 $88,788.65 $143,491.17  
Adler $1,407,625.72 $279,742.68 $67,502.87
Smith $225,195.42   $146,741.78 $47,638.52
Garrett $391,496.09 $197,479.00 $73,569.74
Pallone $3,917,859.89 $215,158.17 $310,216.65
Lance $347,966.10 $96,643.00 $63,050.90
Pascrell $1,414,842.60 $164,801.13 $123,279.39
Rothman $1,803,385.44 $126,689.05 $83,146.07
Payne $1,173,044.14 $63,097.49 $44,123.71
Frelinghuysen $528,071.09 $119,190.58 $85,929.91
Holt $635,138.30 $107,536.84 $63,106.40
Sires $224,823.35 $59,430.11 $68,853.41

Congressman Pallone has the most Cash on Hand, followed by Rothman, Pascrell, Adler and then Payne. Rodney Frelinghuysen has the most on hand for the Republican members from NJ, followed by Scott Garrett and then Leonard Lance. Adler has clearly been the most talked about name in terms of targets for the GOP, but recently they have also been making noise with candidates popping up to challenge Holt and Pallone. Adler’s Cash on Hand ranks him 2nd out of 43 DCCC Frontline candidates, the group considered to be the most competitive or potentially vulnerable seats for the House.

An additional NJ fundraising success story is New Jersey alum Jennifer May. After assisting state candidates, raising money for the Assembly Democrats and handling finance for John Adler’s Congressional campaign in 2008, May moved on to Scott Murphy’s race in NY’s 20th district. Murphy is another frontline candidate for the DCCC and with May’s help, Murphy comes in 2nd for total raised in the 4th quarter with over $400,000 raised.

The whole issue of candidate fundraising may become that much more significant this cycle in light of the recent Supreme Court Decision allowing corporate cash to flood the system even further.  

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    and her fundraising prowess was a big part of Adler’s success.


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