Matthews to Garrett: There’s a few wacky’s out there in your party, but you’re not one of them

Congressman Scott Garrett appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night along with his colleague, Democrat Jim Moran. They started talking about Republican Obstructionism and Garrett said that Democrats have had a year to get things done. Now he’s there calling for working in a bi-partisan manner, which is rather funny considering he’s often one of the few members in opposition on bills that have broad bi-partisan support. He says he works with people on the other side of the aisle all the time though.

Matthews pointed out that Republicans don’t really want to negotiate and said he has no ill intent when he has a “slip of the tongue” and says Democrat party as opposed to Democratic Party. Garrett repeated the talking point toward the end of the interview that the way to get healthcare is to just start over with a blank slate.

I had to laugh out loud when I saw how Matthews closed the interview:

Congressman Garrett you are a great guest sir. You’re my kind of northeastern Republican. There’s a few wacky’s out there in your party, but you’re not one of them

If Garrett is his kind of Republican, you have to wonder how he defines wacky. Maybe it was his opposition to extending unemployment benefits. Or possibly his vote against Katrina relief. Or maybe it’s about how he tries to use the court to further his own agenda, but the cries judicial activism when he doesn’t agree with decisions. You can see the segment here.

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  1. brettski55

    Chris Matthews has always had his head firmly planted in his own rectum. This is just further evidence of how out of touch the “Main Stream Media”, particularly the Beltway cocktail party clan is. Garret is a disgrace to the state of New Jersey. His inexplicable votes clearly put him in the “wacky’s out there in your party” segment of the Rethuglican party.


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