Launching A New Website

I wanted you to be the first to know that today we’re launching my new website which will serve as a hub for information, communications and constituent relations.  I hope this site will not only be useful for the residents of my own district, but for everyone all across New Jersey.

Often, everyone focuses so much on campaigns and process stories that sometimes people overlook that government provides important services and programs unavailable anywhere else.  So, one particular part of my new website I’m especially excited to unveil is its “Resources” section – which will serve as a one-stop portal for a number of issues facing our state’s residents.  I hope this will serve as a useful tool in answering questions and solving problems. If you think anything can be added that would be helpful to fellow New Jerseyans, I hope you’ll let me know.

In addition to the Resources section, I’m also excited about how we’re recapping some of the places I get to visit across the 18th District and the state.  When you click on “In the Community”, you can join me as I meet so many people and groups, all with interesting stories to share.   Also, please be sure to visit the Newsroom for all the latest news, clips, blogs and press releases from my office.  

Transparency, accountability and efficient government are all principles I’ve championed during my time in the state legislature. I know everyone here at Blue Jersey shares my belief that we need to shine a light on the day-to-day business of state government.  As Senate Majority Leader I promise to continue pushing for reforms to clean up the way business gets done in Trenton.

I’m excited about our new website.  But, I’m just as excited about how advances in technology are revolutionizing the way people communicate. I’ve been on Facebook for a bit and I recently starting tweeting.  I hope you’ll follow me on both social networking sites, so I can keep you in the loop with the latest happenings in Trenton, in my legislative office and at events across the state, as well as with articles and blogs I think might be of interest.

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to push for meaningful reform in the 214th Legislature. For far too long, state government has come up short in its mission and responsibility of making New Jersey the best state in the nation to live, grow and prosper. There are several areas which have been ignored to-date and which we need to focus on right away – including pension reform, a strong State Comptroller with full audit powers over every tax dollar being spent, and finally addressing New Jersey’s out-of-control property taxes. We simply cannot continue to turn a blind eye and put these issues off any longer. I plan on working with Senate President Sweeney, Speaker Oliver and Governor Christie (along with every single legislator and cabinet member) in tackling these issues head-on.

I hope you will explore my new website as we move forward in the new legislative session. It is vital that everyone in the progressive community – and on Blue Jersey in particular – remains active in helping us move our state forward. I hope this website opens new lines of communication and dialogue. And I hope you’ll sign up to join our efforts in improving Trenton and making life better for each and every New Jerseyan.    

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