Late Edition News Roundup for Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2009

Freshly-minted NJ Democratic Chair checks in

  • First with us, then with Cynthia Burton at

    Blue Jersey, please weigh in on John Wisniewski’s diary to you.

    Dwek drops dime on Doria

  • Says he gave the late Jack Shaw $40 K to pass on to Joe Doria, who was DCA commissioner at the time. Doria’s attorney has said he met with Dwek & Shaw but won’t say about what, insisting Doria took no money and broke no laws. On Dwek’s testimony mentioning him, Doria says: “I know nothing about it.”

    Governor says he’s got his team

  • Chris Christie wraps up his cabinet posts, without naming a Public Advocate. This is what the Public Advocate did last year. But Christie says he may

    consolidate all NJ’s watchdog agencies.

    So we’ll go with a less-qualified Republican

  • Bergen County GOP Chair Bob Yudin likes Vincent Markowski, Ramapo College Public Safety Director, for Sheriff. The most qualified guy for the job. Only one problem.

    Two River Times publisher may run against Frank Pallone

  • The deep-pocketed Monmouth County GOP Vice-Chair Diane Gooch.

    No voter-verified paper trail for NJ

  • NJ’s 11,000 voting machines must be re-evaluated by a qualified panel of experts to determine whether “accurate and reliable,” Judge Linda Feinberg ruled in a case challenging the validity of computerized voting machines that don’t produce a paper record. What Feinberg did not do is enforce the 2005 state statute requiring all voting machines used in the state produce a voter-verified paper ballot.
  • Also unhappy with the judge’s decision, Rush Holt.

    No, I didn’t mean it … no, no, no

  • Chris Christie does a quickie pirouette on the idea of making routes 78, 80 & 287 toll roads.

    2-week report card on Governor Chris Christie

  • Monmouth University poll.

    Barbara Buono asks the NJ congressional delegation for help

  • Buono asked members of both parties for federal assistance with NJ’s Unemployment Insurance Compensation Fund, saying federal intervention is required to avoid insolvency and a sharp tax hike on the state’s employers.

    It’s a good day when

  • Paul Mulshine and I have the same disdain for Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Okay, not the same disdain.

    Yeah, Ferriero’s going to hurt us for a long time to come

  • A long, long time.
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      Just wondering if you know what ever happened to Marcia Karrow?  After Leonard Lance’s ringing endorsement, I figured she’d get tapped for something.  Unless I’ve missed it, she hasn’t


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