Jason’s diary, shortened a little

In a call-in “town hall” Tuesday, Rep. Scott Garrett bathed listeners in tea party rhetoric:

Healthcare is such a personal decision. “You don’t want the government to be getting between you and your doctor. Do everything humanly possible to protect your rights and your liberties.

Sure. I know the last time my doctor prescribed a test he wanted me to have, my insurance company balked, and the whole thing wasn’t resolved until after a tense discussion that involved my doc, me, and a rep from my insurer. By all means, lets preserve that system.

Furthering the misguided right-wing talking points, Garrett also reflexively attacked the President’s health care plan, which he apparently doesn’t quite understand. Garrett complained Obama was “bent on going forward with the public option” when in fact Obama’s plan drops mention of the public option, a huge disappointment to reform advocates. In fact, right now, its some Senators, pushed by party activists, that are committing to working the public option into the reconciliation process. Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs even said yesterday the votes aren’t there for public option.

Conservative activist Steve Lonegan managed the Q & A part of the call. One caller – self-identified as a doctor who immigrated from Hungary, said Obama’s trying to take over the country, and Lonegan talked about tanks rolling into Hungary.

Garrett tooke Lonegan’s bait: “That’s right boys and girls, healthcare means tanks in the streets.”

Okay, that’s pretty disconnected from reality. You can’t make this stuff up. Leave alone the responsibility Garrett abdicates to educate and keep current his constituents. That’s pretty much shot. And Garrett wonders why he hasn’t gotten a call back from the White House?

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