How does Frank LoBiondo win in landslides every two years?  He’s just an average legislator as far as I can tell.  He says working behind the scenes is good for the 2nd district.  In all the years I’ve been watching the news I’ve never once seen him on cable tv even standing in one of those small groups of his peers backing up another legislator. Frank might call it grandstanding; I think he has in so many words.  I’m not sure if he means taking a stand or publicly supporting somebody who has?

But guess what?  Anonymity is very effective at getting elected in this district- as long as you bring a few earmarks.  I’m a Republican for a few more days and then it’s over to city hall to change my registration to Democrat. I voted for Frank at least 6 times.  Being fiscally conservative isn’t enough for me anymore and Frank stinks on the social issues which are equally important to me.  Truth be told, I thought at one time Frank was fiscally conservative; actually, he manages to bungle conservative economic theory if you look closely at his votes and his statements afterwards.   Times are changing, we are in deep doo doo and wishy washy doesn’t cut it anymore with me.  I’m going to get the signatures required and run in the Democratic primary. I’m actually socially very liberal so I see nothing phony about re-registering.  And if Jeff Van Drew isn’t aware of Franks inconsistencies and sees the vulnerability, then I as a former Republican will try and point them out.  Will anybody listen?  We’ll see, I don’t have any money to run a campaign, just lots of passion.  That’s never been enough….until maybe 2010.  It wasn’t enough in 2008 when I ran as an Independent and couldn’t even use a computer properly.  As I said this is 2010 and I’m hoping there’s an intersection now of true voter disgust, and some seasoning, technical and otherwise on my end, and maybe Frank will have to defend for once a truly mediocre career.  Right after the filing deadline I’ll show anybody who is willing to listen, true head spinning inconsistencies in Franks voting record.  If I win the primary, and I’m correct about what I’d go so far and call his voting perfidy, he might not glide so easily to his 9th victory, although he will win;  I’m not stupid, just disgusted..  And one more victory by Frank will make it 6 more years total then he originally promised he’d serve when he first ran for Congress in 1994 and sold us on term limits as a way to keep up legislatures from stagnating…how’s that for irony??!!  See that easy salvo?  Pray for me folks I’m going to need it.


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  1. gary stein (Post author)

    This was a draft for Pete’s sake and I’m still not sure if this got published.  I posted this comment in someones diary right after I hit save…DRAFT

    “sorry to barge in like this. I just tried saving a diary in drafts and had it disappear.  That’s not a problem if it vanished, I have it saved on word.  What stinks is if it shows up in 10 minutes as “published” since it was truly a first draft and was about me taking on Frank LoBiondo, and changing parties to Democrat in order to best accomplish what is going to be very, very hard to do. We shall see….either way…if I’m already published, or if I’m nuts taking on Frank.  Like your library idea and new to this site. Hi.”

  2. Rosi Efthim

    You will want to place spaces between your paragraphs, which will make your diary easier to read. You can do that by just hitting your ENTER key, and it should appear the same way as it will look on your screen.

    If you hit PREVIEW (rather than SAVE), you can make sure your diary fits the format before publishing it.

    The other thing you can do is keep it in Draft form until you’re ready, and then to publish it, make sure it’s done (Preview), then make sure the time stamp is what you want, then hit SAVE.  

  3. SmartyJones

    I am an IT idiot, so I feel free to comment.

    I’ve written all of 2 diaries, (though I used to comment a lot) and had to be hand fed by the editorial board with regard to printing my thoughts. You go printed immediately! Yikes!

    Your draft wasn’t bad, but of course, you need to tighten it up.  What do you mean, specifically about being a “fiscal conservative” and  a “”social liberal?

    If you are serious, you might want to consult Melli or Mr. 3.00 for internert means of networking.

    The last para is not spam, just what I’ve seem on BJ.


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