I like this progressive library policy

I have a terrible history racking up overdue books at the library, losing them for months at a time in our messy car, or under stacks of papers I really should get to, but never do. So, I love this item about a north Jersey program at 3 libraries. They don’t call it an library fine amnesty program, but I would bet a lot of the locals think of it that way.

This month, library patrons in Woodland Park, Little Falls & Totowa can bring in food in place of overdue book fines they owe. Food for Fines collected a ton of food last year for local food pantries. What a great way to deepen the libraries’ relationship with their towns, keeping the needs of hungry neighbors on the civic front burners at the same time.

Takes just one non-perishable food item to “pay off” the fine. That’s where the amnesty comes in. It’s both sacrifice and commitment for those libraries; they give up revenues to help feed their neighbors. Woodland Park, for example, takes in around $500/month in fines; they do without that for a month to make it possible for people to eat better all year. NJ food pantries are struggling to feed the people who need them.

Libraries are already be such quietly progressive places – shhhhh don’t tell anyone. Maybe your library should be doing this. Find your library here. I’m asking mine about it today.  

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  1. AreYouWithMe?

    i hadn’t heard about his before.  What a wonderful idea!

  2. lori braunstein

    is one that solves more than one problem at a time.

  3. gary stein

    sorry to barge in like this. I just tried saving a diary in drafts and had it disappear.  That’s not a problem if it vanished, I have it saved on word.  What stinks is if it shows up in 10 minutes as “published” since it was truly a first draft and was about me taking on Frank LoBiondo, and changing parties to Democrat in order to best accomplish what is going to be very, very hard to do. We shall see….either way…if I’m already published, or if I’m nuts taking on Frank.  Like your library idea and new to this site. Hi.

  4. Bertin Lefkovic

    Most libraries are struggling to survive financially and while I don’t know how much of a role the fines play on the aggregate in keeping them afloat, I see an overdue book fine as an involuntary charitable contribution that I might not have otherwise made, so it’s all good in the grand scheme of things.


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