His middle name is Winner

The following quote from public option advocate and Progressive Change Campaign co-founder Adam Green is so striking I had to post it:

The White House obviously has a loser mentality — but America rallies around winners. Polls show that in state after state, voters hate the Senate bill and overwhelmingly want a public option, even if passed with zero Republican votes. More than 50 Senate Democrats and 218 House Democrats were willing to vote for the public option before, and the only way to lose in reconciliation is if losers are leading the fight. That’s why Democrats in Congress should ignore the White House and follow those like Chuck Schumer and Robert Menendez who know that the public option is a political and policy winner.

Now that we know he is the one of the first two names that come to mind when you think “winner,” I trust Senator Bob Menendez will never think he doesn’t get praise from the left.

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