“Wall Street Hero” Scott Garrett tries to fool his District

Someone recently told me that Scott Garrett spends more on mailers to his district than any other Congressman or Congresswoman.  And while I’d love to find out if that is actually true, I tend to ignore (probably foolishly) his 3 or 4 page glossy “newsletter” that I receive a few times each year.  My reasoning is that I know his schtick – he routinely votes against bills that 400 other members of the House vote for because of some “technicality” and then tells his constituents that he is really in favor of the bill but couldn’t have it 100% his way so he has to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So when I got his latest mailer, I tossed it in with the rest of my recyclables (of course), but then had the fortune to come across this post by a former Goldwater conservative who hits fat cat CEO’s favorite Congressman right between the eyes with a brilliant takedown of the fluff, misdirection and outright twisting of the facts contained in Garrett’s latest mailer.

I won’t repeat all of Michael Fremer’s arguments, especially since we have made them here and at Retire Garrett issue by issue, and there really is nothing new.  He rails against the stimulus (which presumably would include the vote he cast against the largest middle class tax cut in history and scary teabagger talk about healthcare.  That being said, it is refreshing to see someone say it so plainly when it comes to Garrett’s hypocrisy regarding unemployment:

“You offer no job creation plans in your email other than more tax cuts.

“A job creation engine” was the supposed purpose of the Bush tax cuts for the rich back in 2001 that produced the weakest job growth out of a mild recession in recent history. All it produced was a deficit from what had been a projected surplus.

Had we allowed G.M. and other businesses to fail, the unemployment rate would now be catastrophic, yet that would have been your “solution.”

So I find your carping about unemployment churlish and dishonest.

Lest we forget that Garrett’s proposed solutions include his very own stimulus bill that he introduced consisting entirely of corporate tax breaks.  When Wall Street needs more tax breaks, they call on their “Hero” to champion a bill for them.  And when AIG executives want to keep the bonuses they paid out from Government money, they call on “Wall Street Hero” Scott Garrett.  But when families in his district are struggling, they get smacked in the face by his votes and his disingenuous rhetoric.  

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    I never thought I would look back on that era of conservatism with any fondness. But a few years ago I was watching a panel discussion of conservatives. The ones to whom Goldwater made sense called themselves paleo-conservatives, the first time I ever heard that term. They    were horrified by the neo-cons, who they described to their faces as intellectually bankrupt, illogical and mean. Garrett.  


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