Van Drew won’t challenge LoBiondo “this cycle”

It looks like the Democrats are going to need to keep searching for a candidate to challenge Frank LoBiondo this year:

If a Democrat beats Congressman Frank LoBiondo in this November’s election, it won’t be State Senator Jeff Van Drew doing it. Van Drew has confirmed to Coastal Broadcasting that he will not be running against LoBiondo in this November’s election. The State Senator will be up for reelection 2011, along with Assemblyman Nelson Albano and Matt Milam. Cape May Councilman David Kurkowski ran against LoBiondo in 2008, in the Republican’s most recent victory.

After he didn’t pull the trigger in 2008 with all the wind at the back of Democrats, I wasn’t expecting him to jump in this year given the current climate. He didn’t close the door on a future run however:

“I’m not going to be running in this cycle,” said Van Drew, D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic.

While Van Drew will not run, Egg Harbor Township resident George Sakura says he plans to run. He hasn’t spoken to the Atlantic County Chair about his run yet and says he plans on running not against LoBiondo, but against the idea of lobbyists running the country. We will have to see if anyone else steps forward to challenge for the Democrats and if he gets anyone running against him from the right in the primary as well.

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  1. Hopeful

    LoBiondo will get a pass again. Actually, I’d rather have Jim Whelan than Van Drew anyway.  

  2. firstamend07

    Jeff VanDrew can do a lot more good as the new South Jersey Senate Representative on the Budget Committee than he can ever do as a freshman in Congress.

    His one vote in Congress fails to even compare to his vote on the Budget Committee.

    He also took over the Chairmanship of the Community and Urban Affairs Committe from  that back stabber Ron Rice.

    Van Drew is too important to be wasted away in Washington.    


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