Sunday NJ Talk Shows 1/31/10

NJN hasn’t put this week’s On the Record up yet and still has last week’s interview with Speaker Oliver as of this posting.

otrscreenshotOn the Record has Jim Hooker hosting this week.

The first half  of the show this week will feature a conversation with Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber about the resurgence of the Republican Party.  Weber talked about the State of the Union, Governor Christie and the upcoming Congressional races they are targeting.

The second half of the show will featured a rebroadcast of NJN News series on the Robert Treat Academy charter school.

reportersroundtableOver on Reporter’s Roundtable, they taped the show live during the annual NJ Chamber of Commerce dinner in Washington, DC.  They talked about  the Obama State of the Union Address, Christie’s Cabinet, Congressional Races and the NJ Chamber of Commerce trip to Washington, DC.

Michael Aron hosted this weeks panel which included Josh Margolin of the Newark Star-Ledger, Herb Jackson with The Record of Bergen County and Zachary Fink from NJN News.

You can click on the images to watch the stream of each show.

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