News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday January 28, 2010

With Rosi’s computer still on the fritz, I’ve got roundup today.  I have to post it before I leave for work, so if I missed anything, feel free to add it in the comments.

Christie supports Initiative and Referndum

  • On his Ask the Governor show last night, Chris Christie voiced support for Initiative and referendum, which would allow citizens to use petitions to put issues on the ballot to be decided directly by voters. He said it’s a way to  “rein in a government that has gone out of control.”
  • Filling more seats in the cabinet

  • Gov. Chris Christie made another two Cabinet picks on Wednesday, announcing that he was nominating head of the state’s largest health insurance company as health commissioner and a federal prosecutor to oversee school construction.
  • Christie found his Boogeyman

  • Charles Stile looks at the strategy of picking a fight the unions and whether that will really solve the problems of our state.

    Corruption on Camera

  • The federal prosecutor said during the start of Leona Beldini’s trial that the government would use secretly made video recordings to prove a Jersey City deputy mayor took bribes from an undercover informant posing as a crooked developer.
  • Wisniewski new party chair

  • Assemblyman John Wisniewski became the new chairman of the Democratic State Committee last night.
  • Rosi didn’t expect to see a floor fight and she’ll have an update later on what she did in fact see.

    Road trip for the Justices

  • The NJ Supreme Court will hear three cases at the Veterans Courthouse in Newark next week.
  • A crime to breach airport security

  • Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer and Assemblyman Albert Coutinho (both D-Essex) Wednesday announced they will introduce legislation to make it a crime to enter restricted airport areas.
  • Boards, Authorities and commissions oh my

  • Chris Christie blasted the Passaic Valley Sewer commission promising changes in the way the agency is run. He called out an official who makes $313,000 per year. Just imagine that amount of money for a moment.
  • Assemblyman Scott Rumana also put out a release jumping on the reform authorities bandwagon, to which Senator Loretta Weinberg responded with a release welcoming him to the reform party.
  • State of the Union Reaction

  • You can see my attempt at live blogging the state of the union and the reaction of some elected officials. 83% of speech watchers approved of his proposals according to a CBS News poll.
  • Counties Struggling

  • For the first time in more than a decade, the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders is expected to increase the tax rate of 25.4 cents per $100 of equalized property value.
  • The Burlington County treasurer painted a bleak picture of budget revenue this year to the freeholders board as it began a preliminary review of departmental budget proposals Wednesday. Treasurer Amy Hannigan estimated a $7.6 million revenue deficit for 2010. That’s with county officials agreeing with her recommendtion to use $7 million of the its $12.8 million 2009 surplus toward this year’s budget.

    A double whammy of bad and worse news for Atlantic City

  • First, the State Comptroller released a report citing waste and abuse in the city’s government.
  • Then, Mayor Lorenzo Langford offered a grim outlook in his State of the City address Wednesday night, saying the budget could be $40 million more than last year and that he will battle the rise in costs with demotions within the police department, 10 high-salaried layoffs in resort government and other cuts.
  • Razing the Sears building

  • The New Jersey Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal of a decision to demolish the Sears Building in Camden made originally in 2007 by the assistant commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • If you play Powerball…

  • Starting Sunday, you won’t have to go out of state anymore.
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