Good thing we kept searching for answers about the anthrax

Well, may I should say it would have been a good thing if we kept searching for answers about the Anthrax attacks that occured back in 2002. You see Rep. Rush Holt has been dogged in his pursuit to keep investigating because he worried about the next time. Well now we have another hoax:

Law enforcement authorities are investigating an anthrax scare at the offices of Rep. Jo Bonner (R) and several other Alabama lawmakers.

Bonner’s offices were closed on Monday after each received suspicious letters, according to a spokesman for Bonner, while the offices of Rep. Bobby Bright (D) and Sens. Richard Shelby (R) and Jeff Sessions (R) were also targeted, according to the Associated Press. …

The letters were received this morning, Bonner’s spokesman said, and the letters have been turned over to law enforcement. The offices haven’t yet begun to reopen.

The AP said that the powder in the envelopes has been confirmed as not being anthrax, though authorities are uncertain what the substance is. The AP also reported that federal investigators suspect the letters came from the same source.

Yes, why would we want to make sure we get all the answers on past attempted attacks. Surely no one would want to make those attempts in the future. Until they do. Maybe someone will listen to Congressman Holt and try to get some answers finally.  

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