First Day of the Christie Era News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 19, 2009

Inauguration Day for Governor Chris Christie

  • Governor’s schedule here.
  • Watch it all here, courtesy NJN.
  • No tuxedos and corned beef sandwiches – Christie aims for a populist touch on his opening night.
  • An inauguration on a budget.
  • But an inauguration to which so many people contribute their labors.
  • Getting ready for his new role, Christie had lunch recently with former governors Brendan Byrne, Jim Florio, Thomas Kean, Christie Whitman, Donald DiFrancesco & Jim McGreevey, each of whom offered advice. One former governor – acting, that is – who was not there is Dick Codey, who commented on Christie’s tendency to rant.

    New Jersey gun owners take a final shot at Corzine

  • Filing a federal lawsuit challenging his one-handgun-a-month law, claiming it is unconstitutional.

    Jon Corzine lifts a ban on running for public office for Dana Rone

  • Former Newark councilwoman Dana Rone was removed from office and prohibited from seeking public office by a judge, following her interference in a 2006 police traffic stop involving her nephew. Rone maintains her behavior was influenced by the police shooting of Sean Bell. Corzine lifted that, in his last hours in office, as well as partially commuting the sentence of a man convicted of a murder many legal experts believe he did not commit. He also pardoned 12 non-violent offenses. But he did not pardon John Ray Wilson, convicted of growing weed in his back yard to relieve his MS.

    New York Jets deliver a GOP candidate to NJ-3

  • Jets win. Chargers lose. Offensive tackle Jon Runyan’s NFL career is over, which means he’s winging back to NJ to take up a run against Rep. John Adler in NJ-3.

    The peeling-off begins

  • Bill Baroni exits the congressional campaign of Fair Haven mayor Michael Halfacre, and throws his support behind the candidacy of fellow Mercer County Republican Scott Sipprelle, a venture capitalist self-financing at least a major chunk of his campaign for the GOP primary for the chance to run against Rush Holt in NJ-12.  
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