Quote of the Day: Freshmen Mistakes

I thought this Washington Post article on Larry Kissell was pretty interesting, and it ended with a great candidate for “Quote of the Day:”

“It’s sort of like which devil do you fear the most?” asked Gary Pearce, a longtime Democratic operative in North Carolina. “Are you more afraid of the party base or are you more afraid of the health-care reform opponents?”

Kissell picked the latter, and it may have been the wrong bet. Conservatives who oppose the reform effort are unlikely to vote for a Democrat regardless of how he votes, Pearce said, yet Kissell cannot win reelection without the support of his base.

“That’s why they call them freshmen — because they make freshmen mistakes,” he said. “That’s why a lot of them don’t become sophomores.”

You can figure out what this has to do with New Jersey.

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  1. AreYouWithMe?

    John Adler has been a public elected official for a very long time.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He has been doing this for years.  Players are basically the same, the only difference is the stage is bigger.

    If you or I were in the Congress I could call them “Freshmen Mistakes”, but not from Adler.  He is a seasoned game-player legislator.  


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