One Hurdle Down, Three to Go: a schizophrenic day for Marriage

Jay Lassiter planned all along to go down to the statehouse yesterday and blog for us. But then, something happened in his hometown, that made him stay there, to capture for you today what the people of Cherry Hill did when the fools came to town. Great job, Jay – promoted by Rosi

Today the NJ Senate Judiciary voted on gay marriage equality.   And what a long strange trip it’s been clearing the first hurdle.

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  1. Hopeful

    love it.

  2. Bertin Lefkovic

    Whose district do you live in?  Are you willing to threaten a primary challenge if he/she votes No on Thursday?

  3. DoctorScience

    Acting on a tip from a commenter at Hank Kalet’s, I called Shirley Turner, my senator.

    The minion said Turner hasn’t decided, so I said I’m a straight person in a 20+ years civil marriage who VERY strongly believes in equal marriage rights for all couples, and that civil marriage should NOT have to follow religious rules. My marriage is not sacred.

    Contact Turner at: (609) 530-3277.

  4. Andrew S

    Could anyone provide a breakdown of which NJ senators support, oppose, or are undecided as regards marriage equality?  It’d be great to know where we stand.


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