News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009

More war, from the anti-war candidate we sent to the White House

  • President Obama will address the nation from West Point tonight at 8pm, on his orders to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.
  • Rob Andrews: Success is possible in Afghanistan.

    Confusing extra fees, tacked on, driving up the price of your ticket

  • Sen. Bob Menendez reads the riot act to the airlines. With tickets reserved by phone costing up to $35, checked bags from $0 to $35, and extra legroom costing up to $109 (um… wow), he’s got legislation requiring fees, charges and surcharges be made clear before you input your name and credit card info.

    State’s wallet closes with a SNAP

  • To close NJ’s budget gap, Gov. Corzine will withhold $20.7 million in aid payments to municipalities. That’s money municipalities were told to expect and based their own spending plans on. Expect a wild re-shuffle, property taxes up and/or services slashed. Newark’s out $3 million.
  • Star Ledger Editorial implores Chris Christie – in light of today’s grim news – to break his promise to cut taxes to the state’s richest households. Yeah. Like they said.

    And in the Too Much Drama department …

  • Republican football player Jon Runyon’s inconsistencies in his maybe-challenge to NJ-3’s Rep. John Adler. And a slamming quote by Jason Springer, that Runyan still wants a Super Bowl ring more than a seat in Congress.

    And in the Really Bad Timing department …

  • This should have been done long before now.

    Paul Sarlo’s little microphone kerfuffle

  • Stile with more detail on how a zeitgeist shift Paul Sarlo clearly wasn’t prepared for led to that curse-word outburst into the sound system a few days ago.

    Making up a heroic record in Vietnam

  • A key NJ official charged with serving New Jersey’s veterans was forced to resign his executive role at the Division of Veterans Services after it was discovered his claim that military service left him totally and permanently disabled – qualifying him for property tax exemption – was a lie.

    Liquor license prices plummet

  • And with them, the revenue they bring in to towns.

    Marriage equality

  • Tom Moran on the suprisingly dark day for gay rights in NJ. And assails the puny men and women in the legislature for their fear to stand up and be counted, from their districts, carefully gerrymandered to ensure their continued electoral success.

    Beldini says Healy knew

  • Superseding indictment against Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Baldini quotes her saying Mayor Jerramiah Healy knew corrupt payments were being funneled from Solomon Dwek.

    Local News

  • Jersey City: New charges for Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini. Extortion, and bribery.
  • Burlington County: Freeholders are asking the largest employee union for concessions.
  • New Brunswick: Rutgers settles a 2006 racial discrimination suit with its groundskeepers that accused the school of denying promotions and ignoring a noose hung on a building.
  • Gloucester County: Want to show off your solar panels to your local newspaper?
  • Newark, Irvington, East Orange: Another gun amnesty buy-back coming soon.  
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    1. Dvd Avins

      I don’t get how people are feeling betrayed by Obama on this. It’s essentially what he said he’d do about Afghanistan all along, whether you or I like it or not. The only area he’s not lived up to his presentation is government secrecy.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Will ease the Lautenberg concern.

      Other states, like Arizona and Wyoming, have the requirement that the senate vacancy go to the party that held the seat.  This is the law with respect to state senate seats here.


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