Looking for The Worst Place in Jersey – What Meets Your “Dark Satanic Mill” standard?

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Worst Place in Jersey – Toxic Torture

We are seeking nominations from readers for “The Worst Place in Jersey”.

While I was with NJ DEP, I ran a program where we sought nominations from citizens to increase protections for their local streams – we were very successful (if you’re interested in this initiative, I suggest you read this DEP webpage now, before the Ministry of Truth over there finds out that it still exists. Even they will figure out that it legitimizes their worst critic and exposes serious program weaknesses – when they do, they will take that page Down Orwell’s Memory Hole):



   To date, DEP has received over 47 public nominations from individuals, groups and public entities for Category One designations. These public nominations include approximately 337 named rivers and streams equaling 7,655 linear waterbody miles and 23 reservoirs, lakes and ponds representing 6,593 surface acres. A map of the public nominations is available at www.nj.gov/dep/antisprawl/c1map.html.

   DEP has not had the opportunity to fully evaluate all the public nominations for Category One but will seriously consider all public nominations over the upcoming months. DEP is continuing to accept public recommendations for Category One water designations. Public recommendations for Category One water designations should be sent at this time to Bill Wolfe. [Note: your faithful Winston Smith]

   View Map of PUBLICLY Identified Waters

Anyway, I thought I’d take that same approach – sort of start a Wiki of NJ’s Worst Places.

Comment here or shoot me an email nominating your NJ nightmares – if possible, include a photo and a brief explanation. I will visit the place, take photo’s and post them here. Depending on responses, at some point I’ll put together a list and we can vote on the worst of the worst – democracy in action.

Who knows, if this thing takes off, we just might shame the responsible corporate and government officials to improve the conditions we expose.

Possible nominating categories include (feel free to suggest others, whatever pushes your button):

1) Worst traffic; 2) Worst sprawl; 3) Ugliest, most garish McMansion; 4) Toxic Nightmare; 5) Littered or poorly maintained Park; 6) Polluted Waterbody; 7) Destroyed Natural Landscape; 8) Industrialism and/or rationalism Run Amok; 9) Beastly beach; or 10) worst flood zone.

Let me submit the first nomination – with an explanation and photos.

Today, I will nominate the area around Doremus Avenue in Newark surrounding Essex County Jail as “The Worst Place in Jersey”. Take a look at all these toxic emission sources – and this is not counting the Port, which creates regional impacts. All that toxic pollution isn’t just blowing over to Staten Island! Inmates and staff at Essex County jail are being “air boarded” every day! (We’ve heard about episodes of waterboarding at Guantanamo and torture at Abu Ghraib, but not about daily “toxic air boarding” at Essex County Prison.)

Hit Link for Lots of Photos

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  1. Nick Lento

    …..as unpleasant as it may seem.  Thank you.

    To clean up our state we first need to see where the problems are.


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