Just Sayin’ (Jeff Gardner 2011)

To your question, JRB … I am – – promoted from the diaries by Rosi

I pledge $100 and 25 volunteer hours to Jeff Gardner in 2011 if he chooses to challenge state Senator John Girgenti (D) and bring a more inclusive, progressive voice to Trenton.

Just sayin’. I got your back, Jeff. Who’s with me?

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  1. JRB (Post author)

    … is change your Twitter picture though.

    That’s when we’ll know it’s serous.

  2. Amicus
  3. Scott Weingart
  4. furiousdee

    Time to clean house.  

  5. vingopal

    I commit $100 to Jeff’s campaign and I commit to personally raise $500 for Jeff’s campaign if he runs. Add me to the list.

  6. PocketAces

    In the same spirit – I’m in for $25 to any individual who primaries any Democrat who votes against marriage equality.  Sarlo needs to go just as much as Girgenti.

  7. tabbycat31

    I’ll support you and devote a weekend to street canvassing for you to get you elected in 2011

  8. Chazz

    I can’t yet give a monetary figure, but I’ll hit the streets for as long as it takes.

  9. Matthew Jordan

    it’s pathetic when we can count on Sen. Bill Baroni, but we can’t count on Sen. Girgenti who represents a heavily Democratic district.  

    I’m in for $100.  

  10. Bertin Lefkovic

    …Jeff confronts Girgenti between now and Thursday and tells him to vote Yes or he will face a primary in 2011.

    It’s fun to talk about this, but if there is any chance of winning on Thursday, progressives are going to have to stop being reasonable and polite and start being tough.

    The best opportunity that we had to win this fight was in 2007, which was the last time that the Assembly and Senate were up for re-election.  That was when we should have been threatening people with primary challenges.

    Unfortunately, we have been loyal Democrats who have trusted our elected officials and party leaders for far too long, and instead of making demands and expected them to be acted upon, we bought their BS hook, line, and sinker time and time again.

    For far too long, we have enjoyed being comped at the fundraisers and invited to the parties and while we might feel like insiders, when push comes to shove, we have no influence over anybody, because we are not willing to do what is necessary to win.

    This is the reason that Democrats are willing and able to compromise their principles on healthcare reform and marriage equality, because unlike the Republican base that literally puts the fear of God into their party’s establishment, we allow ourselves to be intellectualized and rationalized into irrelevance.

    I am at the point where I am ready to give up caring about any issue, because the progressive movement that I was a part of during the Dean campaign in 2004 seems more interested in kissing ass than kicking it.

    At the moment, it appears that there are seven Democratic State Senators who have no qualms about voting No on Thursday.  Unless Bateman and Beck see the error of their ways between now and then, at least four of them must be turned for us to have a chance of winning.

    The only way to do that is to fight as down, dirty, and insanely if necessary as the teabaggers and put the same fear of God into Girgenti, Rice, Sarlo et al that they are able to put into their electeds.

  11. Chazz

    to Jeff Gardner’s campaign for each time Sen. Girgenti votes against it.  At least that many phone calls…


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