Connors expected to announce he won’t run for Congress, but Runyan says he will again

There has been a good deal of talk and speculation about who will step up to challenge John Adler for his Congressional seat. Now it appears we have one name out and one name back in. First we have State Senator Chris Connors ready to take a pass:

State Sen. Christopher Connors (R-Lacey) is expected to announce — possibly as early as next week — that he will not seek the Republican nomination for Congress in District 3.  Connors was the first choice of Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, but has never seemed excited about the prospect of going to Washington.  That might leave retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Maurice “Mo” Hill, a Toms River Ward Councilman, as the Ocean County Republican organization candidate, unless Gilmore decides to go with ex-NFL player Jon Runyan.

We’ll have to see what Mo Hill and others have to say about their potential runs, but  then we also have Runyan jumping back in the Congressional candidate kiddie pool:

“Yup, as soon as this season is over. Hopefully, it’s a little bit later than sooner,” Runyan quipped in a telephone interview from the hometown of his newly adopted NFL team. Later than sooner, because Runyan hopes to get another crack at a Super Bowl ring this winter.

But come February, “I intend to retire from football and enter the Congressional race,” Runyan said.

As for whether he intends to finance his own campaign, “That’s something I have to sit down and discuss with my wife,” Runyan explained. “I haven’t really got there, I know it’s going to take some amount of money. … To win the race, it’s going to cost multiple millions of dollars.”

When Runyan first arrived in San Diego after being signed, he said he was just exploring his options and that he “hadn’t fully committed to that yet.” Whether or not he decides to self finance could play a big factor in if he gets the support of George Gilmore in Ocean County or if we see a primary for the seat. And then Republicans will still have to see where he stands on the issues too.

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  1. ken bank

    “With restrictions”.  Which means he’ll have to ask his handlers in BCRO what restrictions will keep the wingnuts happy.

    Of course he still has to contend with uberwingnut Justin Murphy who has already announced and will likely run on the same line in Ocean County as the anti-Gilmore reform republicans.  Two years ago Murphy ran a close race against Chris Myers and Gilmore’s stooge “Fat Jack” Kelly in the GOP primary.

    Runyan can raise money though.  He has lots of friends in the NFL who can give the max on donations and never miss it.


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