Blue Jersey Radio – 2009 Year in Review

Holy cow! Blue Jersey Radio is alive and kicking almost 3 years since its debut, and guess what?: It’s still really fun to do! We get to interview great guests, we can say anything we want, and we even let our callers have their say (sometimes). But every so often, we get to take a week off, and just listen back to some of our favorite shows. And this year had no shortage of fun ones.

Like we did back in 2007 and 2008, we invite you again to have a listen back to this year’s Blue Jersey Radio Year in Review:

The Big Fish

This year, we had the opportunity to sit down for an extended interview with Governor Corzine, to talk about the campaign, the issues important to him, and the achievements he hoped to share with New Jersey voters. We also were joined on more than one show by our dear friend, Senator Loretta Weinberg.

Staff Meeting
Governor Jon Corzine

Our Interview with Jon Corzine, Part Two

Loretta Weinberg
Senator Loretta Weinberg

NJ Elected Officials

We were joined by members of our congressional delegation, as well as other notable NJ elected officials from around the state.

Rush Holt
Rep. Rush Holt

Rep. Frank Pallone
Rep. Frank Pallone

Ron Rice Jr.
Newark Councilman Ron Rice Jr.

Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney
Dennis McNerney, Bergen Cty Executive

Jack Conners
Asm. Jack Conners, LD-7

Some of New Jersey’s Most Inspiring Activists and Leaders

We sat down with prominent leaders and activists in the state, who have played an important role in fighting to make New Jersey a more open and inclusive place to call home.

Steven Goldstein
GSE Chair Steven Goldstein

Debbie Walsh, Dir. RU CAWP
Rutgers CAWP Dir. Debbie Walsh

Veterans for Education
New Jersey’s Veterans for Education

Accountability NOW Director Jeff Hauser
Accountability NOW Director Jeff Hauser

ACLU-NJ logo
ACLU attorney Catherine Crump

Progressive Challengers

And we heard from the brave souls who stood up to challenge incumbents even in New Jersey’s toughest races, earning them an “A” on the political participation scoreboard.

40th District Dems
40th District Assembly Candidates Mark Bombace and John Agostinelli

Wendy Wright
Assembly Candidate Wendy Wright, LD-25

Rebekah Conroy
Assembly Candidate Rebekah Conroy, LD-25

Wayne Marek for Assembly LD-26
Assembly Candidate Wayne Marek, LD-26

Doug Herbert
Assembly Candidate Doug Herbert, LD-26

And, this is just a sampling of some of the year’s best memories. Most of all, we had lots of fun this year, and hope you did too. After last week’s wrap-up show, we’re grabbing some R and R tonight. Thanks everybody, and Happy New Year!

We’ll be back in 2010!


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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Want to hear a particular show? Click on the picture, and you can get to the audio.  

  2. Jason Springer

    And I always love the year in review posts you do Jeff.  We look forward to talking with everyone in 2010.

  3. tabbycat31

    and plan on listening to some of these episodes.  I’ve always wanted to call in but never was able to due to having a class when the show’s on.   Plan on me calling a few shows in 2010.

    Good work guys, keep it up



  4. Rosi Efthim

    The fellas didn’t mention it, but today’s cool factoid is that Blue Jersey Radio is consistently rated in the top 10 most popular progressive political shows in the country on Blog Talk Radio.

    Just sayin’.  


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