Weekend News Roundup for Nov. 28-29, 2009

Absolute. Must. Read. Editorial.

  • Bob Ingle – yes, Bob Ingle – on the price of ignoring this community.
  • No … NO. You don’t move on to the next item until you read Ingle. Seriously, he gets it right. BOOM.

    Memo to self for next time:

  • Close barn door before the horses bolt.

    12 Days of Christmas

  • 12 Priorities of Atlantic City.

    Except maybe bring coffee ‘n cookies out to the anti-nuke protesters

  • At NJ’s 4 nuclear power plants, increased fines & possible jail time for trespassing is approved by a state Senate committee.

    Good luck with that!

  • Chris Christie will install LG-to-be Kim Guadagno – with no real business experience – as the person responsible to market New Jersey to the rest of the universe.

    Chop … chop … chop … and …  Powerball Lottery

  • Jon Corzine spent his turkey day gearing up to instruct department heads to shave another $400 million off the state budget. Oh, and also toss in another gambling opportunity to excise good money out of people’s pockets for the hope of swimming in gold.
  • Towns making painful chops, slices and hacks in what they provide.

    Free money checks

  • Banning a deceptive practice.

    Drill, baby, drill?

  • Some senators are smart enough to ask questions.

    Say, didn’t we elect some people who said they would extricate us from Bush’s wars?

  • Anti-war protesters find some support from the streets of Newark.


  • Alive and well?

    Do we really love our home rule?

  • Daily Record Editorial.

    When trees fall next door

  • Neighbors make the noise. Tree ordinance battles in NJ & NY.
  • Tree rules in Jersey.

    Local News

  • Galloway Twp: First-ever African-American woman to be named a college president in NJ, Vera King Farris has died.
  • Wildwood Crest: Going paperless, baby.
  • Middlesex: New mayor looks at revitalization options.
  • Totowa: Did the middle class get screwed just now?
  • Hopewell: Fighting Verizon over telephone poles.
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