“We thank the Congressman for having the guts to come out here”

The tea party went to Washington yetserday with people demonstrating and protesting on Capitol Hill. Reports say that Americans for Prosperity were the driving force behind the organizing:

ThinkProgress has video of AfP workers handing out signs and talking points to the Tea Partiers the group shuttled in from other areas. According to one AfP staffer, the group paid for 40 buses to bring protesters to today’s event.

They said they brought 25 buses from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Congressman Rothman took some time to speak with protesters that were his constituents and Steve Lonegan had this observation on Rothman choosing to speak with them:

“We thank the congressman for having the guts to come out here – whether we agree with him or not,” Lonegan said, and many in the crowd voiced agreement.

You can see more video showing some of the rhetoric and scenes here.

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