The prosecutor thief

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If Chris Christie is elected governor tomorrow, one of the first things that might hit his desk is a big fat lawsuit for copyright or trademark infringement, essentially the theft of someone’s work product.   The candidate who has held himself out as the law and order man is already being accused of violating copyrights for ripping off of Monty Python, but take a look at the “closing statement” from the Christie campaign:

You can even see a faint watermark on the screenshot of the video which Youtube pulled automatically. If you watch carefully, you will notice that a majority of the images they used in this ad still have the watermark on it:


Click to enlarge the image and see the watermark.

If the image has the watermark still, it means they didn’t pay for the rights to use it. They could have purchased the rights for the bus stop video and all the others for a small amount of money too when you consider how much campaigns cost. And here are a few more of the videos they used in the commercial that still have watermarks on them. I reached out to Pond5, the company that appears to have seen their products taken for comment and am waiting for a response.

What’s their closing statement, our candidate was a US Attorney but doesn’t understand any parts of the law? Or maybe it’s really that they do think there is one set of rules and laws for their candidate, another set for the rest of us.

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  1. denniscmcgrath

    Michael Palin and Terry Jones both comment, and it’s well worth a quick trip off BlueJersey to check out.


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