Thanksgiving News Roundup & Open Thread

A combination of potential swine flu, lots of driving, tryptophan, family obligations, beer, and football means the Blue Jersey crew isn’t able to do the news roundup today. So I’m pinch-hitting. Here we go.

Quote of the Day

“You know, there are certain days that remind me of why I ran for this office. And then there are moments like this — where I pardon a turkey and send it to Disneyland.” – President Obama (video)

Let them eat turkey

  • It’s yesterday’s news, but it’s particularly relevant today. Chris Christie suggests that finding money in the state budget to feed starving families is a “bad habit.”

    $1 billion

  • The state’s projected budget deficit continues to grow.

    APP front page lieAsbury Park Press just makes stuff up

    Headline: “N.J. budget deficit could reach $1.5 billion”

    Story text: “Odds are it won’t”

    Really? Someone approved this?

    In other APP news, Juan might feed a baby unicorn to the Liger colony living in his basement as a Thanksgiving treat. And the Asbury Park Press might begin to distinguish their reporting from their editorial content (Though as they say, “Odds are it won’t”).


  • The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that Democrats, independents, liberals and moderates support marriage equality. Only Republicans and conservatives are opposed to this most fundamental of American values. Whose side will the legislature take?
  • Also, Garden State Equality is up with two new radio ads, and Assemblywoman Huttle has a good post on Marriage Equality and Children.

    “Jobs, not Dobbs”

  • Lou Dobbs is considering a run for the U.S. Senate against Senator Menendez in 2012, but Menendez says he’s “concentrated on jobs, not Dobbs.”

    Testing, one, two…

  • Is this thing on? Yes, yes it was.

    What billionaires do on Black Friday

  • Discount casino shopping.

    Something to be thankful for

  • New claims for unemployment insurance dropped to their lowest levels since September, 2008. New home sales are also up.

    Christmas is canceled in Maplewood/South Orange

  • BOOM! Escalating the War On Christmas. “The South Orange Maplewood School District’s policy prohibiting religious music from holiday performances was upheld Tuesday by a federal appeals court.” The judges cited the “Constitution.”

    No Crazies Left Behind

  • Would Scott Garrett fail the GOP purity test? Fretz thinks so.

    More light, less energy, less $$

  • New street lights from PSE&G are a win-win for municipalities.

    If I missed stuff, please post in the comments. This is an open thread. Haiku are permitted.

    Update: (h/t SmartyJones) The NYT says this is “New Jersey’s Marriage Moment”.

    There can come a moment in a politician’s career when doing the right thing requires summoning the courage to buck strong voter sentiment. The drama over same-sex marriage in a lame-duck session of the New Jersey State Legislature is not that kind of moment.

    Doing the right thing – promptly enacting legislation discarding inadequate civil unions in favor of full marriage equality for same-sex couples – requires no gargantuan amount of courage or risk-taking on the part of rank-and-file New Jersey legislators or their leaders. […]

    Inaction is not an acceptable option. Delaying past Mr. Corzine’s departure means delaying justice for gay and lesbian couples and their families for four or even eight years.

    Another Update: (h/t Winston Smith) Contrary to popular belief, our highways are heavily subsidized and only half funded by user fees like the gas tax. Federal lawmakers are proposing to increase the gas tax to help pay for transportation infrastructure. It’s a good idea.

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    1. Jay Lassiter

      …that you forgot to include this gem!


    2. Rosi Efthim
    3. SmartyJones

      NYT has an editorial today telling NJ legislators to do the right thing and pass marriage equality legislation.

    4. SmartyJones

      Ross Douthat, one of the worst NYT columnists, writes today that Lou Dobbs should run for the NJ Senate seat as an independent.


      Dobbs supposedly lives on a horse farm in Wantage, in Sussex County.  Does he get the same property tax breaks that Christie Whitman did/does and either Garrett or his relatives do?

    5. Winston Smith

      I have no problem with foul language – it’s the corrupt policy I hate. See:

      Legal Corruption – Sarlo Shills for Builders

    6. Winston Smith

      NJ has lowest gas tax in the country, while our roads and mass transit crumble, yet:

      “But Gov.-elect Chris Christie has vowed not to raise New Jersey’s 14.5-cent-per-gallon tax to replenish the state’s diminishing funding resources for road and rail projects.”

      Federal lawmakers push for increase in gasoline tax

      Thursday, November 26, 2009

    7. thecount82

      “The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that Democrats, independents, liberals and moderates support marriage equality. Only Republicans and conservatives are opposed to this most fundamental of American values. ”

      Wow, then there must be a huge number of Black Republicans here no one knew about, cause they oppose gay marriage 61%.

      Oh wait, and so do Protestants (60%). And Catholics (51%). And seniors (56%). And the poor and middle class (53-54%).

      Does that mean gay marriage supporters are just college students, rich white people, and Jews?

      Wait a minute….


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