Runyan’s voting record and recent GOP switch come into question

As Jon Runyan meets with leaders of the Republican party and explores the possibility of challenging John Adler for his congressional seat, some questions are being raised including how frequently he has voted and when he actually became a Republican:

Records from Burlington County, N.J., indicate Runyan missed voting in four of nine general elections between 2000 and 2008. He also hasn’t voted in a Republican primary in the last decade and only registered with the GOP this month.

The Burlington County GOP spokesman is making excuses for his shoddy voting record:

Spokesman Chris Russell emphasized that Runyan has voted in five of the last six general elections. He said Runyan did vote in this month’s general election, which hasn’t been added to county records yet.

“With all the issues the country’s facing, we don’t think three or four missed elections the last 10 years is going to be a deciding factor for voters,” Russell said. “That’s a pretty good record.”

Sure, he’s voted in 5 of 6 generals, but the one he didn’t involved the race that will help determine the direction of New Jersey. And on that non-existent primary voting record:

As for his primary record, Russell said Runyan has always identified as a Republican. He said Runyan didn’t feel the need to make it official until he saw what has happened in the country this year, as he began to consider running for office.

Russell noted that, in New Jersey, voting in a party’s primary requires one to register with that party.

“Most unaffiliated voters don’t vote in primaries,” Russell said. “There really was no need for him to do so, as an unaffiliated voter.”

We’ll have to make note of this for the next time they go after a Democrat for this situation. I can’t wait for them to find out where he stands on the issues next and the justifications for the positions that don’t fall in line with the party. I wonder what George Gilmore thinks as he sees these stories start to come out.

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  1. JRB

    Even if you believe missing four general election votes in the last ten years is “a pretty good record,” what is his excuse? That he was too busy?

    People who complain and don’t vote are the worst in my book. Something to remember when he wah-wahs about Trenton and Washington DC on the trail.

    So why didn’t you vote Jon?

  2. Fielding Mellish

    I honestly have no problem with someone not signing up with a political party before running for office at all.

    And, while missing voting in a general election is something I just don’t get personally…well, before any of us attack Runyan (or anyone else on the Republican side on this) let’s just remember there are a whole lot of Dems who have suffered from the same spotty record before running for office.  A certain current occupant of the front office comes to mind before throwing his hat in the ring a decade ago.

  3. ken bank

    “I wonder what George Gilmore thinks as he sees these stories start to come out.”

    Gilmore wants nothing to do with Runyan.  Aside from Runyan being a stooge for the BurlcoGOP he is simply a bad candidate.  And name recognition won’t help Runyan in Ocean County where there are more Giants and Jets fans who will vote against him than there are Eagles fans for him.

    If Gilmore can’t get Chris Connors to run he’s sure to look for someone else in the next few weeks.

    Runyan generates about as much excitement and substance as mayonnaise on white bread.

  4. ken bank

    It’s official.  Runyan signed with San Diego.

    With Diane Allen effectively eliminated and Chris Connors leaning against running it looks like Adler’s seat is safe at least for now.

  5. ken bank

    The same time Runyan signed with the Charges he issued a statement announcing his intention to run for Congress.

    I’ve heard of athletes retiring first and then later running for office.  I think this may be a first that an athlete signs with a team and subsequently says he’ll run for office.

    This clown makes Brett Favre look respectable.

    And I still say Adler has nothing to worry about.


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