Reaction to Runyan: “If the Terminator can be Governor of California…”

How about this description about what a potential challenge to John Adler’s Congressional seat from Jon Runyan might look like from a physicial comparison:

Should Runyan and Adler face off in the general election, it would be a match of clear physical contrasts. Runyan is listed at 6-foot-7 and 330 pounds. Adler, D-3, stands 5-foot-9 and weighs less than half that, coming in at less than 160 pounds, according to Greco.

Not as if that will factor into the race as much as who has the bigger warchest. But not all the people who played with him expected this turn in Runyan’s career:

“He never struck me as a politician,” Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said, “but if the ‘Terminator’ can become governor of California, then Jon Runyan can run for Congress.”

I don’t know if that’s exactly a ringing endorsement of Runyan. More important than what Runyan says or the people who played with him say, is what the Ocean County chair George Gilmore believes. He doesn’t seem sold on Runyan running yet:

“If he has a good season with the Chargers, they might offer him a (new) contract,” Gilmore said. “Just because he says he’s running for Congress, it doesn’t mean he will.”

Well now he doesn’t even say he’s fully committed to running, just that he’s exploring. And that’s before he gets another contract offer.

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  1. ken bank

    PolitickerNJ has a story up which gives credit to Jason Springer for breaking the news about Runyan’s inconsistency.

    It sounds like Runyan wants to have it both ways and say he was a congressional candidate before he became a football player and stopped being a congressional candidate, and then say he is a congressional candidate again after he stops being a football player.


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