News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009

Senator Lou Dobbs

  • Yeah, I don’t like the sound of that either. Nevertheless, the Sussex resident is considering a run against Bob Menendez. As a stepping stone to his race for President. Really.
  • Dobbs, who gets apoplectic on the subject of immigration, tries a quick fix with Latinos.

    Jon Runyan confirms he’s running against John Adler

  • But first he’s gonna play a little football. In San Diego. And man, that commute’s a bitch.
  • Meanwhile, Adler is focused on actual disasters.

    Jersey Shore towns restricting access

  • Might get left off any federal funding in the wake of the recent nor’easter.

    Mammograms at age 40-49

  • Leonard Lance says ignore the new recommendations of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to raise the age of first-mammograms without high risk factor.
  • Frank Pallone will hold congressional hearings on the issue next month.

    Aimed at keeping people from returning right back to prison

  • A 4-bill package or reforms from Asw Bonnie Watson Coleman.

    Just in time: financial literacy in the schools

  • Signed into law, a pilot program to teach money management to high school seniors in six districts.

    Merge me, just let me keep the illusion of home rule

  • Q-poll finds New Jerseyans more interested in merging local government and schools.

    Girl power

  • Rutgers, home of the groundbreaking Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), and their Ready to Run campaign trainings for women, takes note of the women now in NJ leadership.

    Christie gets a subpoena

  • Hate blogger and FBI informant Hal Turner, charged with threatening federal judges, is calling the ex-USA to testify on his role in refusing to prosecute Turner.

    A clear distinction of values, incoming and outgoing

  • Christie’s not even governor yet, but apparently wants Corzine to hold to that spending freeze that Christie called for. And Corzine wants to find emergency funding for soup kitchens and food pantries struggling to keep people fed during this recession.
  • If Chris Christie has a problem with your attitude, that’s a clear signal maybe you’re doing something right.

    Next Democratic State Chair

  • Nellie Pou won’t rule out a run.

    Vaccine mandate suspended

  • A flu vaccine mandate for kids in pre-school or child-care is suspended due to inadequate supplies of the seasonal flu vaccine.

    Local News

  • Cherry Hill: Sewer rates to go up, first time in 20 years.
  • Passaic: Fire and police departments are assured: no layoffs.
  • Plainfield: 11 city workers, to be laid off.
  • Camden: Audit makes 50 recommendations.
  • Atlantic City: Council to vote on a huge infrastructure improvement proposal.
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    1. Hopeful

      but how would a 2012 race be a stepping stone?

      It is an interesting choice though for him. He could easily have the Republican nomination for Senate and then have a real chance of winning. I don’t see how he gets the Republican nomination for President, and an independent race for President would let him get any “message” out but he wouldn’t win.



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