News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Nov. 6, 2009

New Jersey Yankees, World Series Champs

  • The dozen floats carrying the Yanks in today’s winners’ parade in Manhattan, were built in Clifton. Okay, that ought to do it for baseball news at Blue Jersey, unless Johnny Damon wants to run for Senate.

    Unlucky and aloof, Corzine fell short of Trenton goals

  • Set-backs not entirely of his doing.

    Christie: My win is not a loss for Obama

  • Of course not. Because the change mantra still works, right? (too harsh?)

    Panel: Christie seized on anti-incumbent sentiment

  • Post-election analysis at Monmouth University, and Christie’s pounding of Corzine in the shore areas.

    The fierce urgency of now

  • Marriage equality must be passed within the next few weeks or Chris Christie will make sure it doesn’t pass at all.

    Reed Gusciora blasts bosses for not focusing more intently on Corzine re-election

  • “Party leaders undermined the governor by having a party leadership fight,” said Gusciora. “They reinforced the message that if Corzine won, the reins of power would be handed over to special interests.”

    Chris Christie confidential

  • NYTimes writer Harlan Coben on how he grew up with the Governor-elect, from Meadowbrook Little League, to school in Livingston. A very warm memoir.

    He’s so very gracious

  • He’s mending fences, chatting up President Obama, walking Woodbridge (gee I wonder why he picked Woodbridge …) and getting all ready to nail you with parental notification for abortion. Get ready, girls.

    Sen. Codey jockeying for position

  • Wants you to know he’s got the juice, wants to signal Norcross he doesn’t just walk into the sunset, and other platitudes that mean that one of the most popular electeds in recent NJ history is looking for what’s next.

    Election lessons: Crystal ball still cloudy

  • Star Ledger editorial: Basically, everybody take a chill pill. That’s you people in NY-23, too.

    Former statehouse reporter now ELEC Deputy Director

  • No, not Jay Lassiter. It’s Joe Donohue of Hamilton Twp, formerly at Star-Ledger and Press of AC.

    For the Governor-elect from their neck of the woods

  • Morris County has a wish list…

    Local NEws

  • Rockaway Twp: Picatinny Arsenal tightens up security after the Fort Hood incident.
  • Morristown: Mayor Cresitello accuses his planning board of running out the clock on a variance on his own home property.  
  • Woodland Park: West Paterson … Woodland Park … town decides to call itself “Edgar.” (too harsh?)
  • Hoboken: $56/vote
  • Edison: Cops unhappy.
  • Hunterdon County: Freeholder seat will be vacant, come January.
  • Comments (4)

    1. Hopeful

      The teabaggers might be unhappy but Christie is already getting ready to govern.

    2. Jay Lassiter

      Just want to be the first person to put it out there to nibble on.

    3. denniscmcgrath

      Anyone know where/when the next meetings will be held? I’m hoping to get to one this weekend if there is one.  

    4. Bill W

      Christie mentions that he intends to push for a requirement of parental notification for minors seeking abortion, but surely he’s aware that the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled such a policy unconstitutional in 2000.

      By the time Christie’s term ends, he will have appointed four justices, and I think we should take this to mean that he intends to leave us with a very different Supreme Court than we have now.  


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