Marriage Equality and Children

Slam-dunk, Assemblywoman Huttle. Advocating for marriage equality is very often advocating for kids. Thanks for posting. – – promoted by Rosi

I would like to echo the sentiments of my colleague and co-prime sponsor on the Marriage Equality Bill in the Assembly, Reed Gusciora. He has been a leader in this debate and has presented rationale and cogent arguments for passage of A2978. I would also like to bring out another point that is sometimes overlooked in the marriage equality debate – the children.

One of the beneficiaries of this bill are the children of those loving couples who are unable to marry. The stigma attached to a child whose parents are “civil-unioned” is certain and yet the effects on that child are far-reaching and unknown.

When a loving couple is prevented from legitimizing their long-term relationship as a true marriage because the law does not allow it, this clearly says something about how society feels about this relationship. It lowers its value; it lowers the degree of respect it is given by the greater community in which it exists; and it lowers the value and respect of the children whom are the products of these unions. This is plainly wrong and it is why we must correct this terrible ignorance in the law now by enacting marriage equality.

Much has been said in opposition to the marriage equality bill in the name of family values. It is the standard response of the anti-equality side of this debate to say they want to protect the American family. I want to protect the family too. These families, the children of same-sex couples and their loving, caring, devoted parents, deserve this protection as much as any other family, perhaps more so. And if you would like to see a real, visible demonstration of family values, you need only look toward Marsha and Louise, who have become such familiar faces in this debate. They are the living epitome of the family values that we should protect and cherish.

There are so many reasons to vote for this bill and this is only one of them. I would hope that each legislator will be able to find his or her own truth about the benefits of marriage equality and vote yes to A2978.

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  1. Jeff Gardner
  2. Jay Lassiter

    ….i am grateful for folks like Valerie Huttle who’s always stick up for families like mine.

  3. Rosi Efthim

    This is just a superb post. Particularly as a companion piece to the post Reed Gusciora wrote here last week.

  4. lil

    I never gave the issue of marriage much thought until I saw how much it affected my kids. Thanks, Valerie.


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