Lou Dobbs leaving CNN, and is he running for office?

Lou Dobbs announced he is leaving CNN effective immediately. He says he is considering a number of options. Some have speculated he will go to Fox News, but FireDogLake users observe he sounds like he is running for office.  If I am not mistake, he lives in New Jersey, but I’m not sure what he could run for here. There aren’t any high level opportunities here for three years, unless he’s making an independent run for President.

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  1. Hopeful (Post author)

    that sure would be fun!

  2. Dvd Avins

    Hes had previously considered a Senate run against Lautenberg. Menendez isn’t up until 2012, but my, wouldn’t that be a charged race.

  3. ken bank

    He’s going to be Christie’s Secretary for the Department of Community Affairs.

  4. Winston Smith


  5. NNadir

    I thought that sort of thing went out in 1945 when the Nazis surrendered in Germany.


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