Hey, Organizing for America – What the hell?

Organizing for America (OFA), the DNC-ruled “grassroots” organization formed from the massive Obama ’08 email list, is asking people in NJ-2 & NJ-7 to drop what they’re doing and call Frank LoBiondo and Leonard Lance and ask them to vote Yes on the public option. The debate has been going on all day on the floor of the House. Watch LIVE.

Obama voters in 31 other districts got the same email, districts Obama won but have GOP congressmen. But it’s a complete waste of time to call Republicans, and the DNC/OFA knows it. This is a muscle-flex for the GOP. They’ve spent all day, in some ridiculous, dramatic and even toddler-juggling vignettes, telling you they’re voting no. So why is OFA trying to get you to waste your time on Lance & LoBiondo when you could be calling an actual Democrat who plans to vote no on Public Option?

As Scott pointed out today, with the GOP unanimous, if this is to pass, all the 218 votes have to come out of the Democratic caucus. And Rep. John Adler (NJ-3) is one Democrat threatening to vote no.

In fact, our friends at AFSCME have an easy tool for you Adler constituents to call him now. Just click the green flashing ad to the right of this diary.

OFA is making some very questionable decisions. This is the 2nd thing I’ve heard just today that makes me wonder what the hell they’re thinking over there. The first is news that OFA contacted Maine voters and assigned them voters in NJ to call (read the email) apparently never mentioning the vote on the same day for marriage equality – in their own state!. That email supposedly benefitted NJ, but I don’t care. We lost on marriage equality in Maine. I’ve emailed DNC on this, and if their answer adds to the discussion, I’ll print it.

Public option on C-SPAN – right now.


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  1. Hopeful

    It’s nice as a kind of anti-LoBiondo e-mail, but why should I waste my time when he has been so clear before.

    Did anyone in Adler’s district get anything? It’s pathetic.

  2. Hopeful


    Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) said he plans to buck right-to-life groups and his own party and vote “present” on a Democratic amendment that would prevent federal funding for abortions as part of health-care overhaul legislation.

    Shadegg is doing so in the face of strong support from groups like National Right to Life and Americans United for Life, which say they will count present votes as not supporting its pro-life agenda. He said this was a “bad call” for pro-life organizations and he vowed not to “give a vote away” to right-to-life groups for what he considers a very flawed process. Shadegg contends that Pelosi is using this amendment to wrangle votes for the overall bill.

    He said he expects at least four or five other Republicans to join along. Sources say Republican Reps. Phil Gingrey (Ariz.), Steve King (Iowa), and Scott Garrett (N.J.) are likely to also vote present.

  3. Nick Lento

    …on the various bills/amendments.

    I gotta tell ya, the Republicans are coming with with some effective bull.   Yes it’s mostly bull….but they do have a point in that this is a “two thousand page” monstrosity.

    HR676 (The single payer option) is less than 80 pages and cuts off ALL of the Republican bullshit at the knees.

    Yes it also carefully eliminates the health insurance industry as it now exists….and that would be a good thing.

    Single payer actually covers everyone for LESS than we’re spending now with NO deductibles for anyone…..and it includes more comprehensive coverage.

    Whatever passes will be be a boondoggle for the insurance industry…..yes, some folks who had nothing will get something and that’s to the good; but any program that allows the insurance industry to continue to parasitically feed off of our economy while providing ZERO beneft will eventually fail.

    Whether it takes 2 years or twenty….we will have a single payer system because it just makes more sense and it’s workable and cheaper.

    Meanwhile, the charade continues.  One good thing about all the sturmundrang I’m hearing now on the house floor is that it will eventually translate into many millions more Americans actually paying more and more attention to the details of health policy…and that all inexorably strengthens the call for single payer.

    The health insurance industry is worse than a parasite….it’s actually an toxic agent in our health care system that, essentially, feeds off of the exacerbated fears, deaths and sufferings of the American people…..and BOTH political parties take these bastards’ money and are influenced by that money!   And that’s wrong!!!  

  4. Hopeful

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