Codey talks about conversations with the White House and Corzine ending his run

In an interesting read, Senate President Dick Codey barely waited until the votes were counted before he started telling some of the back stories of the twists and turns in the Corzine campaign.

Codey said he got a call from the White House a week after Vice President Joe Biden appeared at Corzine’s poorly attended primary night kickoff rally in West Orange in June. “They wanted to talk about what’s going on with the governor’s race,” he said. “They would call me every week, every two weeks.”

By July, Codey said there was growing concern from the president’s advisers as Corzine’s polls declined even as he poured money into anti-Christie ads. It grew worse after 44 arrests on July 23 in a corruption and money-laundering case.

According to Codey, Corzine had thoughts of getting out of the race:

Corzine privately mused to the White House he was having second thoughts about continuing his campaign, Codey said.

“He was, mentally, as low as you can get,” Codey said of Corzine, even before July 23. “Then this … hit. It was understandable he was having a moment where he was saying ‘to hell with this.'”

Codey says the White House showed him internal polling that he held a lead over Christie and wanted to know if he’d run:

“I told Gaspard I was going to be seeing Mr. Corzine in Trenton. I told him I felt duty-bound in terms of being a gentleman to tell Corzine. I sat with Corzine. I told him what I knew. I said ‘as a friend, I just wanted you to know.’ I said ‘bottom line is you’re the decision-maker. You want out, just do me a favor let me know as soon as possible. If you’re going to stay in there, I’m with you.'”

“I did not hear back from the White House.”

Margolin’s story says the White House and Corzine campaign declined to comment, but that Senator Torricelli confirmed Codey’s account. A few things.  The comments were made by Codey to Margolin just hours after Corzine conceded. What do you think of the story he’s telling? Also, what do you make of the fact that he’s telling it in such detail and so soon?

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  1. firstamend07

    Codey ,once again,shows that he is only about Codey.

    In Codey’s mind he still thinks he is Governor. If he had any guts he would have run against Corzine . But Codey wants things given to him. He somehow believes that people owe him something.

    Christie would have destroyed him because Christie would have exposed him as the phony he really is.

    Corzine is ten times the person Codey can ever hope to be.

    In a couple of months this guy will be put on the back bench of the Senate ,maybe given the assignment of chairing the agriculture committee so he can be closer to the manure.

    Codey is a king in his own eyes. The next call he ever gets from the White House will be a robocall.

    What a scum bag.        

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    I just wish the party bigwigs hadn’t pushed Codey out in ’05, and that Codey had challenged Corzine this time around.  But, given Corzine’s money, I understand.

  3. speedkillsu

    This is just one of the pieces of the puzzle how Christie won the election .Take a look at the time line here ,when CC realized that Corzine was being replaced that’s just about the time CC started losing his big lead …you think that was accidental ? CC wanted to run against Corzine NOT Booker or Codey ,the race tightens Corzine appears to be gaining ,he brings in the big guns ,which CC definitely wanted ,Here is a conservative ,with no plan (so people thought) he can’t reveal one,because he knows he’ll be picked apart ,,,so he runs on the quiet platform and just lets Corzine outspend him 3 to 1 and take pot shots at him ,which made him look like the underdog …I believe Christie had one of the best campaigns ever ,and he’s got the V to prove it ! …priceless  

  4. firstamend07

    It is all about him.

    What will he be doing when he is sitting in the Men’s room in the State House next session and not getting any attention?

    The guy is a backstabber. If he really wanted to be Governor then he should have ran for Governor.

    I hope he enjoys the next 8 weeks because he and his type are history. New blood is moving in and the State,and the Democratic Party, will be better off.

    Codey can go listen to the Boss sing “Glory Days”.  

  5. brendanod

    Codey never got over being sidelined by Corzine.  The GOB (good ol’ boy’s) always resented Corzine’s money and independence.  They never let him forget it.  The inabilty of the legislature to get along with Corzine was his biggest failure and was why many called him incompetent.  Codey can now stick that knife in Corzines back on the statehouse steps instead of in the back office (which is where he stuck it for the past 4 years).  Ironically, one of McGreevey’s many failures was his indebtedness to the legislature.  In both adminstrations, the self interests of the legislature handicapped the governor’s office.

    If two liberal democrats were handicapped by the back stabbing, self interests of the legislature, how is big boy going to get anything done???

  6. princetonblue

    I think Codey can say whatever he wants given that he seems to be the only major NJ legislator who delivered for the Governor.   I don’t see how Sweeney can become Sen. President given that he couldn’t even get his own county to  vote for Corzine and the Democratic message.

  7. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Is that Steve Sweeney your talking about?

    Yes, I’m sure Christie would have destroyed him.  That’s why the polling showed Codey beating him.

  8. Hopeful

    According to the numbers at the state site, Essex County turned out only 86% of the 2005 vote for Corzine. Gloucester County had 89% of the Corzine vote. It seems to me Codey’s people did worse than Sweeney’s people. (Of course in total numbers of votes lost Essex would be even worse.)

  9. Nick Lento

    “Make a deal” = Sell Your Soul

    We get it.

    Have fun sucking up to Christie/Norcross.

    Corzine was an inept sap in many ways, being led to the slaughter by Torricelli and millions of dollars worth of “consultants” but he was a decent human being who honestly did his best.   Not like the dirty lot you suck up to who dishonestly do their worst.  

  10. princetonblue

    That’s the point I was making.  

  11. Nick Lento

    ….though I would want more evidence from you on your point re Codey sabotaging Corzine.

    If Codey hated and resented Corzine as bitterly as you claim he could easily have primaried Corzine and won.  Why didn’t he?

    The rest of your analysis rings sorta true.

    The answer to your question is very simple.

    Christie (let’s not make any cracks re his weight, that just makes people feel sorry for him) will try to work out a deal with the corrupt machines of both parties.   They can continue to steal for their corrupt contractors, suppliers, developers, bankers, insurors,roadbuilders, etc etc  etc….but Christie will try to take cash out of the hides of working people, the poor, minorities and he will borrow money like Whitman did to cover the difference.   The rich “coupon clippers” like the tax free income and the financial services people love the free money they get in commissions and inflated expenses.

    Christie is a petty partisan political hack raised in NJ machine politics.  He is in his element now.

    Don’t let the crimefighter bullshit fool you.  If he was truly willing (and allowed to) be TRULY aggressive and use ALL the investigative and prosecutorial tools at his disposal there would have been 1000 to 2000 convictions….and it would have made a ripple that affected the whole country!

    (Hope springs eternal…I would LOVE for Governor Christie to nominate an apprpriately vicious brutal AG who WOULD use all the tools to nail the criminals in politics and who are public officials and the “Johns” who actually had a “Jones” for busting corrupt people.)

    The honest reform minded grass roots of BOTH the Democratic AND Republican parties have to remove from office all of the incumbents who refuse to support RADICAL DRACONIAN SERIOUS REAL laws that actually make it ILLEGAL to be a lying crooked scumbag politician in New Jersey.   We can write such laws, and we can make sure they are constitutional and we can elect officials who will pass them.   Even Chris Chritie would have to sign them!  And the penalties need to be iron clad and severe.

    Most of the people who screw around aren’t the type willing to risk long hard time for a few thousand bucks…..they will be deterred.  

    Look at Bernie Kerrick pretending to be crazy to get sympathy and mercy…shit; if you’re a corrupt official there should be NO mercy.

    Violating the oath of office is a form of TREASON!!!  We’ve got to get these corrupt Democrats AND Republican out of office by any legal means possible!!!

    And if WE the PEOPLE don’t get active, we will continue to be screwed by many these opportunistic infections we call our “leaders”.

    People who voted for Christie really wanted CHANGE, well let’s FORCE Christie to be a good governor.   Let’s FORCE Christie to succeed!!!   We don’t have four years to waste!!!

    PS That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be followups on numerous alleged wrongdoings of Christie.   If he’s guilty of breaking laws he needs to be investigated, prosecuted, convicted and jailed.   Guadagno is a smart lady, she can do the job if need be.

  12. brendanod

    The only evidence I have of Codey being a saboteur is the senate’s 4 year  unwillingness to support the governor and the willingness of Codey to bad mouth the governor as soon as he realizes Corzine is powerless.

    As for Christie…  No argument from me.  Anyone who believes in the trickle down theory is a thief.  How many times does it have to proven as wrong!!!  NJ and the rest of the USA is still suffering from the greatest heist of all time that nearly drove the US economy into 3rd world status.  Unfortunately, ignorance, fear, and bigotry influnced enough indolent, angry white people into voting for him.  It was his campaign strategy all along.  Corzine should have legalized marijuana —  maybe it would have pumped enough THC into all those small brains to see the truth and what a douche big boy is.

  13. NNadir

    he’s down, I can finally say that I was really unhappy about Corzine’s behavoir in seeking (and winning a Senate seat) and then announcing he was tired of it and wanted to be Governor.

    We had a popular Democratic Governor in Codey, a man I like and admire a whole lot.

    Of course I am devastated that my beloved State is going to have to live of 4 more years of Christiism, given that the last Christie bankrupted our state to subsidize her useless and venal rich friends.

    That said, if he runs, I’m a Codey man in the next election, unless maybe if Holt runs.

    Holt vs Codey in the primaries would be an embarrassment of riches for Democratic primary voters.

  14. HistoryInAction

    that’s really the key to Corzine, an inherently good, decent man.  A shame we’re saddled with such scum in the state Dem bosses…

    Corzine could’ve been a Wilson if he had been more of a fighter for good government (no one faults him for his dedication to progressive causes)… an imperfect analogy, of course, because Wilson lost to the bosses, only escaping because he parleyed his personal popularity into his (barely) successful run at the presidency, where he was a pseudo-fascist doughface who resegregated the federal gov’t and eventually met his fate at the hands of Lodge… but he fought the NJ bosses tooth and nail, which is something

  15. William Weber (WjcW)

    I think there is some truth to the rumor that he was ‘rolled’ after the sales tax hike…

    He was governing there for while… I’m not sure who said what to whom, but definitely, I think a lesson was learned there and Corzine was told to ‘not make waves’…

    Anyway.. that’s my take… How can you be such a fighter for a Tax Increase that EVERYONE hates, and then roll over for dual office holding which EVERYONE agrees with…

    Somebody had something on him… my guess.

  16. Dvd Avins

    Corzine was a much more reliable vote on civil liberties than Menendez. When Corzine jumped, we lost quality in both offices.

    And even if Forrester had beaten Codey (which I doubt, but it’s possible) I’m nost sure the difference between Corzine and Forrester outweighs the difference between Corzine and Menendez.  Though, to be fair, Menendez has been better than I expected, even if below average for a northeastern Democratic senator.

  17. NNadir

    can’t make it through his term.

    I think Corzine was irresponsible.

    There were a lot of things that weighted against the guy in the swing voters minds, especially because they weighed in mine, and I have yet to vote Republican once in my life!

    Goldman Sachs, again the playing with Statewide Offices like toys, even driving at high speed down the Parkway like a fool with no seatbelt.

    Of course I voted for him, but I could never do so with enthusiasm, like I felt for the President or even Congressman Holt.

    If he was going to lose elections, he should have done so with Florio’s courage and grace.   Florio did what was right, raise taxes, even if it cost him the Statehouse.

    Corzine just bought into the crap that Whitman’s awful stupidity and venaility was sacrosanct, and lost anyway.

    Now look for New Jersey to sink deeper in a sea of worthless bonds designed to fund the wealthy, not that it’s going to hurt Corzine.

  18. Dvd Avins

    Lautenberg running for reelection is one thing I don’t blame on Corzine. I suppose it’s possible that were Menedez stilll in the House then, the combined pressure of all the ambitious Representatives would have xaused a primary or led Lautenberg to step aside, but that’s too uncertain and indirect for me to pin it on Corzine.


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