Christie not ready to forgive and forget with the Chamber just yet

Anyone who thought Chris Christie wouldn’t hold grudges from the campaign should check and see what the policy is toward the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber train trip to Washington:

Christie is telling advisers and those considering joining his administration that his appointees are not to go on the annual chamber train ride to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 28-29. They’re not allowed on the train and they’re not allowed to attend the D.C. banquet or after-hours parties that are fixtures on the state’s political circuit.

Christie himself has said he is not going.

The official excuse is the governor and his staff “have more important things to do,” one source told The Auditor.

But the Auditor says there is more behind that story:

But the real story is Christie is angry at the reaction he got last year from chamber president Joan Verplanck after he and the other Republican gubernatorial candidates declined to go on the 2009 train ride.

The mutual disdain between Christie and Verplanck continued through the campaign, eventually becoming a gossipy subplot among Christie and chamber insiders, each of whom believed the others were disrespectful.

And the chamber is trying to make nice, even though they’re not getting the love from Christie:

Verplanck issued a conciliatory statement: “The train trip is a week after the inauguration, and we understand if the governor wants to stay in New Jersey to begin addressing our state’s major fiscal problems.”

Something tells me they could have held the train trip any time after the inauguration and Christie wouldn’t be very excited to attend. He doesn’t seem like the type to just forgive and forget.

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  1. Hopeful

    The train trip has always sounded crooked, I’m glad Christie is not going.


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