Christie announces transition team

The Governor elect announced his ten member transition team earlier today:

Former Attorney General David Samson had previously been designated as chairman of the transition panel.

The transition team includes: State Sens. Joseph Kyrillos (R-Middletown) and Sandra Bolden Cunningham (D-Jersey City),  Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, Christie campaign strategist Michael DuHaime, Woodbridge Mayor and former State Treasurer John McCormac, Montclair State University President Susan Cole, Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce President Debra DiLorenzo, former New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority Chairman Jon Hanson, and former PSE&G President Alfred Koeppe,

Here’s the News12 NJ story:

But apparently they don’t really have any funding for the transition yet:

Christie also said he talked with Corzine about providing money from a discretionary fund for the gubernatorial transition after it was discovered that the Legislature had not appropriated any money for that purpose in the current budget.

The News 12 story says that Christie and Corzine are scheduled to meet tomorrow.  

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  1. ken bank

    No Lonegan??!!

  2. Hopeful

    So, he went straight to a political boss. This is going to end well…

  3. JRB

    Sandra Cunningham is probably the most dimwitted person to have ever served in the state Senate. There’s nothing going on upstairs. Zip. Nada.

    People won’t say it, but everybody knows it.

  4. Winston Smith

    Star Ledger reported yesterday that Jon Hanson, chairman and founder of the Hampshire Real Estate Companies was on the team.

    Was that an error?


  5. speedkillsu

    He put a end to a loophole Corzine left open ,by baning big contributions  to fund-raising for the inaugural celebration. Which meant that means that companies seeking favor from the new administration would have a chance to slip them a friendly check . CC closed that loophole , Contractors can’t give more than $300. which puts a end to pay to play there …’s a start  

  6. Jersey Shore John

    the biggest crook in NJ. And that’s saying something.

  7. Nick Lento

    The partisan party hacks on both sides can “deal” with him.

    It’s the PEOPLE who aren’t rich or connected who will get effed over by Christie and his collaborators.

    Poor Jon Corzine was neither fish nor fowl, he was against machines except when he was for them…….he never quite sold out because he couldn’t be bought.  But he was “owned” by the dirty lousy rotten pos  bastards never the less…..if the PUBLIC had perceiived that Corzine was for real, a REAL reformer he would have won big.

  8. Jason Springer (Post author)

    post on this one coming later today because he stuck out like a sore thumb on that list to me.

  9. jim34

    … the crook he REFUSED to investigate or prosecute, despited repeated pleas and  evidence sent from contituents.

    As Gomer Pyle would say: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  10. denniscmcgrath
  11. Nick Lento
  12. denniscmcgrath
  13. Rosi Efthim

    Between DiLorenzo and Koeppe. Last line.  

  14. denniscmcgrath
  15. Chubby

    but she falls in line with the Hudson County Machine.

  16. Nick Lento
  17. JRB

    She has a loyal constituency and she’s not without some political savvy. And there are machine legislators who are really, really intelligent.

    But when it comes to policy, she is dumb as a rock.

  18. Nick Lento

    You said….

    Can you tell that I really don’t care about working in NJ politics again?   (4.00 / 1)

    Sandra Cunningham is probably the most dimwitted person to have ever served in the state Senate. There’s nothing going on upstairs. Zip. Nada.

    People won’t say it, but everybody knows it.

    Then I implicitly AGREED with you with my sarcastic question….and uprated your comment.

    And, btw, I also agree with “Chubby’s comment.

    Now you say “NO” but no to what???

    I don’t doubt that Cunningham is someone of normal or even above average smarts, or that she has a certain constituency……but she’s a creature of Hudson County machine politics and I trust your observation that, compared to most of the folks in the Senate, she’s not one of the most versed on policy.   In other words, I’m agreeing with you.  lol

    Not that I mind courteously contending with you JRB, but let’s find something upon which to disagree if you really want to have an argument.  :-)

    My problem with Christie always has been that he’s a creature of de facto corrupt machine politics and that that kind of politics is the path to hell as policy becomes determined by whose palms get greased as opposed by what’s best for most people.   That’s my problem with all of the machines, Dem and Rep in NJ.   They are inherently categorically corrosive of people’s integrity and corrupting influences at all levels of political and economic and social and cultural activity.     The fact that it’s been mostly LEGAL makes it all the more corrupt.

  19. JRB

    I read what you wrote as implying that all machine politicians are blockheads. I disagree with that. Most of them are very smart and intelligent. They don’t comport themselves like university faculty, but they have brains. I say this from personal experience.

    If you think they don’t, that’s fine.

  20. Nick Lento

    …from my own encounter with Joe Ferierro on the day Jon Corzine came up to Hackensack to back Loretta Weinberg at the BCDO press event, I can tell you that he’s quite smart and cunning… have been the machine functionaries that I’ve interacted with.

    “Success” in the world of machine politics does require some intellectual capacity, but it’s more about how ruthless and unscrupulous you can be.  And, sadly, our system of campaign finance (even with the limited reforms) still perversely rewards people for their fund raising skills more than for their ability to legislate/govern in the interests of the people.

    Imagine a political environment where some one like a John Bartlett, or a Thurman Hart or Adam Lambert or Rosi Efthim (Jeff Gardner!) could run for State Assembly and win in a primary against the establishment/machine candidates…and then go on to win in the general.

    If/when we have public financing, that fantasy can be a reality.

    JRB I hope you remain active in NJ politics and don’t let the election of Christie discourage you; in some sense it is actually an opportunity.  Let’s continue to be aggressively progressing until NJ is the cleanest and best run state in the nation!


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