Who wants change without hope?

I think Patrick Murray is exactly right here:

Chris Christie put out a new web video in response to President Barack Obama’s campaign stop for Governor Jon Corzine Thursday. Christie has been trying to use Obama’s “Change” mantra to unseat the incumbent, but has been having limited success in getting it to resonate with voters.

As I watched that video, the penny finally dropped on why this message wasn’t working for Christie…

Frankly, I found it depressing. That’s when it hit me. Chris Christie is offering a message of change without hope. And not just in this web video, but throughout his entire campaign.

It’s worth the reading the whole thing — Murray also discusses what the voters on his focus panel say.  

I’d add that I still feel Corzine also needs a bit more “hope” and positive messaging. Corzine’s attacks have helped Christie collapse all the way into the thirties, bu that still leave him tied. Obama put a lot of positives into yesterday’s speech for Corzine and I think a bit more of this would really Corzine turn out his voters.

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  1. Hopeful (Post author)

    That having picked this name “Hopeful” years ago, I now feel really silly every time I write a post praising Hope, defending a message of Hope, and so forth.    


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