Using Christie’s “babysitting”remark as an organizing tool

The Corzine campaign wants to make sure you’ve seen Chris Christie’s dumb stunt mocking pre-Kindergarten as “babysitting.” In fact, the campaign is banking that it will piss you off so much that you’ll jump to their nicely-done website and start voting right now.

An email to supporters from Campaign Manager Maggie Moran, the mother of kids 2 and 4, contains a link to a video with Christie being grilled by Steve Adubato about whether he’d take back the “babysitting” reference. Christie tries to make it seem like the remark was taken out of context, and “not perjorative.” So the video shows you the remark in full, in context, and as it was said during a debate with his primary opponent Steve Lonegan. It’s perjorative as hell. Watch:

Simple story. Christie ran to the right to compete with Steve Lonegan for his party’s ideological right-wing. But he’s got trouble whenever his words and deeds are pinned on him now that he’s trying to run to the center. Mandates and mammograms tripped him up big-time. And now his equating sensible early childhood education with “babysitting” is coming back to bite him in the ass.

Here’s the campaign’s pitch for early voting from home. It’s easy, and worth doing.  

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  1. DBK

    You wrote:

    Simple story. Corzine ran to the right to compete with Steve Lonegan for his party’s ideological right-wing.

    The hell?

  2. CouncilmanBruceCarlson

    calling it ‘babysitting’ and this tone of voice is not pejorative – if that’s REALLY what he’s standing on here… oh boy, i sure wouldn’t want 4 years of this guy.  

    After seeing Repubs in action, especially the last President, the lesson is clear: watch the statements in the primary, not the say nothing general campaigns.  


  3. speedkillsu

    Since it clearly will fall on the backs of property taxpayers which is 3X’s higher than the average in this country I applaud CC for taking this stand and trying to save more home owners this burden  

  4. speedkillsu

    with Corzine ,I too would never hire a fat guy.


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