Todd Christie Buying His Brother Another Job?

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A while back we covered how Chris Christie and his brother Todd seemingly bought Chris a job as US Attorney.  Details are after the jump, but the long and the short of it is that the Christie boys and their wives donated a half million dollars to the GOP just before and after Chris Christie was named US Attorney.

Now we learn that Todd Christie is once again trying to buy his brother a job by donating to the GOP, this time the Republican Governor’s Association.

Independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett responded to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) ad against him by laying it at the feet of Republican Chris Christie’s brother, Todd.

“This ad was essentially paid for by the $200,000 contribution that Todd Christie laundered through the Republican Governors Association to help his brother’s campaign in New Jersey in circumvention of the $3,400 limit that my campaign is honoring,” said Daggett in a press release that accompanied a press conference he held in Trenton this morning.

For a group of people who accuse Corzine of trying to buy his office, the Christie brothers sure do a lot of it themselves.  Don’t want to call them hypocrites, but … nah,they’re hypocrites.

From an old post, where you can find the source links:

In the late spring [Christie] donates $10,000 to his NJ party’s state account and $5,000 to their federal account.  His wife put up another $5000 to the federal fund at the same time, her first and last contribution to the state party ever.

The [Christie]’s brother, who just got rich selling his investment company and will soon be  found guilty of stock manipulation, gives his first contributions ever to the state party, one huge check for $32,000 for the state account and one $5000 check for the federal account.  The brother’s wife, who similarly had never donated to the state party before, also gives $32,000 to the state account and $5000 to the federal.

The total contribution from [Christie]’s immediate family to the state party between learning there was no position for him and receiving the nomination was $94,000.  The [Christie] and the two wives have not contributed to the state party since. …

After he takes the political appointment, [Christie] is not supposed to be engaged in partisan politics very much but there is no such restriction on his close family.  The [Christie] contributes $2000 to his candidate — and now boss — for the reelection campaign, and his wife does the same.  The [Christie]’s brother’s wife gives another two checks for $3000 to the candidate and three checks for $4500 to the national party, but the brother beats them all.

Soon after [Christie] takes office, the brother contributes a single check worth $225,000 to the national party, and since then another three individual $25,000 checks for a grand total of $300,000 to the national party.  But that’s not all.  The brother also issued checks over the past few years since [Christie] took office for $20,000, $25,000 and $25000 to the NJ party’s state fund, and checks of $5,000, $10,000 and $10,000 to the federal fund.  A check for $5,000 is reimbursed.

That’s well over half a million dollars from just four people, all related intimately to [Christie], contributed to the party and its candidates at a time  hen [Christie] wanted a job from the party.

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)

    The first time I called you out on this, you said Corzine’s contributions were Ok because ‘an election’ followed and the people voted, and he couldn’t really buy an election.

    But now, really, if the Christie family has laundered, excuse me, donated even $500,000 to Republican causes, how is that even a drop in the bucket to the current governor who has donated MILLIONS to some of the most corrupt machines in the state. And in fact, is the largest contributor to 21 of 20 county organizations in the state. And in fact, comes out publically against wheeling and then complains he is not at fault when his contirbutions are wheeled, because he has no control. (when in fact, it would be as simple as, “If you wheel this money, I will not give you any next year’)

    You don’t see the parallel at all?

  2. Hopeful

    I think Daggett is right to complain and make an issue of it, but it’s sure hard for this Corzine supporter to get outraged when he not only spends so much, but donates such huge amounts to the local party organizations.  

    I am bit surprised there isn’t a limit on donations to the RGA (or DGA.)  For example, there is a limit on DNC/RNC contributions even though it is quite high.  

  3. carolh

    donations and times and exact recipients if YOU can, like huntsu has for Christie.

    The BCDO didn’t support ONLY corrupt Dems in Bergen.  It supported ALL Dems in the county.  Donating to the BCDO in and of itself is not ILLEGAL nor even unethical. Many folks donated to the BCDO unaware of Boss Joe’s dealings – which as you can see from yesterday’s testimony, he often saw no need to disclose.  

    What Christie’s family did was the equivalent of wheeling.  Donating money to the National Republicans in astounding amounts that eventually made their way back here and helped his brother become US Attorney.

    You are gonna have to be much more specific than “millions” or “Some of the most corrupt machines” if you want to win this argument against huntsu’s very compelling facts.

  4. William Weber (WjcW)

    he’s given the Norcross machine over 1mm.

    Not sure what your BCDO got, (although I do know that the Gov.’s mother, who lives in Indiana, took a keen interest in the BCDO when the Gov. ran for the first term and gave the maximum allowable for an individual, some 15k, odd for someone a thousand miles a away)

    Unfortunately, I do not possess the time or drive to go through the ELEC reports, and Im sure even if I demostrated his largess I wouldn’t be influencing your vote anyway. All I’m pointing out is that the Christie family is small potatos compared to what our governor has donated.

  5. JRB

    Corzine and Biden did a DGA fundraiser immediately after the Veep’s appearance in Atlantic City.

  6. Jim33

    The governor’s mother lives in Illinois, not Indiana.  You’re not proving yourself a very credible source for information.

    The hypocrisy isn’t that money was given for election purposes.  It’s the direct quid pro quo solely for Christie’s benefit that’s corrupt, and at least quasi-illegal.  Todd Christie isn’t allowed above a certain contribution to his brother’s campaign, but he donates several hundred grand to the GOP Governors and they spend the money to design and buy ads for his brother’s campaign.

    Let’s try a more nefarious quid pro quo.  All of us in Ocean County are aware and sick of the blatant public corruption here — all by Republicans.  Many of us have written, called, literally begged the Christie USA office for investigation and prosecution.  Todd donated tens of thousands in cash at various times in recent years, and, voila, no investigation, no prosecution.  In fact, in a public interview, Chris Christie denied he received any requests for investigations, which couldn’t have been a bigger, more blatant lie.  People had personally asked him to investigate.  

    To this day, the GOP crooks in Ocean County, including incumbent Assemblyman David Wolfe, continue their merry ways, because of Todd’s endless quid pro quo payola to benefit his brother’s political campaign, designed and orchestrated in violation of the Hatch Act while Christie was USA.

  7. William Weber (WjcW)

    Oh i see… it’s more important which state she lives in than the fact she is clearly being used by the governor to launder campaign contributions. My bad.

    1st. You don’t know there isn’t an investigation. (the last roundup was 3 years in the making)

    2nd. You have a democratic AG for the last 8 years, why aren’t THEY doing anything? (you forgot to ask them?)

    3rd. I’m expecting Fishman to open and investigation post-haste in that case, since the only reason the office hasn’t moved on it was because of Todd’s contributions.

    Give me a break.

  8. William Weber (WjcW)

    I agree… the system sucks, and these campaign contributions on either side are unethical.

    But let’s be clear and honest. Both sides take advantage of them equally.


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